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[hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides]Original title Li Zi Chang female▼□…: I want to take back some fathers ashes to the mainland [Global Times Comprehensive Report] After the death of Li Wei in Taiwan◁▼●★, after the death of the past▪▲, his long-lasting girl Li Wen (Li Wei and the former girlfriend Wang Shangqin) on the 26th in Dongsen News ■▪▲▷” Who said, “said that he knows that Li Weis collet in the program,” It is expected that this week will go to Dad, I dont know if other families agree•☆★◆, I want to take back some ashes to the mainland. ” Li Wen and Li Wei did not go, the only contact with the pipeline is Li Weis broker, Li Wei gives her life expenses through the broker. Li Wen is very dissatisfied with the younger brother of the same fathers mother, saying that he will send a lawyer to Li Wei, and ask Li Weis will, this week will go to the court to file a parent-child relationship lawsuit. Li Wen is born in the United States, graduated from the Universi▪○▼!

Original title◆●○•: How much is the two sessions☆◆••: two will▼•, why not open a day•■•? On the morning of March 4, the schedule of the 13th National Peoples Congress will be announced. Since 1998◇◁, the national two sessions are fixed on March 3 and 5◇◇△▪, respectively. So the problem is coming, the opening time of the CPPCC conference is more than two days than the peoples conference? The determination of the opening time of this important meeting is of course quite▼☆■•. The CPPCC meeting was earlier than the National Conference, mainly to ensure the Function of the CPPCC. The main functions of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference are political consultations, democratic supervision=▽, and participation in politics. Because the Peoples Congress will submit decisions to the people and representatives of the people and from all walks of life, consultation, discussion, and political consultation in the decision-making level in the decision-making, the Political Consultative Conferen•□▲.

Original title◁◁★☆: The Provincial Development and Reform Commission held the cadre meeting to announce the provincial party committees decision to be responsible for comrades. Zhang Tianpei Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission Website Diagram March 2, Anhui Development and Reform Commission held a cadre meeting▷▽…, and announced the provincial party committee Mainly responsible for the decision of comrades, member of the provincial government party group, Vice Governor He Shan attended the meeting and speaking□▷◁, the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Zhu Chunxu attended the meeting and announced the decision of the provincial party committee: Zhang Tianpei is a provincial development reform committee Party Secretary, nominated to the Director of the Provincial Development Reform Commission. Comrade Zhang Tianpei made a statement▽-…. Commissioner, Deputy Director and Provincial Energy Bureau, Secretary of the Party Group◁☆, and Director Liu Jian, presided over the meeting△-. He Shan Mountain pointed out that in recent years●■, under the strong leadership of the provincial party committee and the provincial government▪▲▪, the provincial development reform committee has been deeply implemente. bulk beef gelatin pectin-powder Pectin manufacturer indústria de proteína animal milk protein concentrate industry,