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[protein industries canada staff]Lotte Mart Overseas Network April 26th, according to Han Dian△★○, Lotte Shop said on the 26th that to the Weimai Group sold 1 Lotte Mart in Beijing at 214.85 billion yuan (about 1.46 billion yuan) price. For the sale negotiations in Chinas other regional business•■•-, Lotte aspect said “rapid development△▼◆△”▪-○. “Sad▼●■▲” Base, Based on Lotte Golf Course, has been expanded in China from 2008•□▪○. However, in February last year•★•, the Lotte Group signed a change agreement with the Korean government▲▼▲□, agreed to let the group belong to the golf course land so that the United States deploys the “Sad” anti-missile system☆□▼■. Its fate begins to reverse▪◇◆. Hon Affiliated Hospital said that Lotte exchange triggered Chinas strong dissatisfaction▪◁, and its business was hit by China. 87 close doors in 99 stores, left le.

China New Network Beijing May 26 (Lin Shixiong) The 3rd Straits Cross-Strait Association Association – “The Yuan” of the “Tea” is held in Beijing on the 26th. More than 80 people from the 12th communities and tea companies in the two sides of the Taiwan Straits•■, including tea industry, and tea culture in the next line. The exchange will be a series of activities of the Cross-Straits Association Association, from the Chinese Teacher Association, Beijing Tea Association, Beijing Straits Cross-strait Folk Exchange Promotion Association, Beijing Middle Road Public Welfare Foundation and Taiwan Tea Export Industry Association, Taiwan China The Tea Culture Society is jointly hosted. Bai Wenxiang, president of Beijing Tea Association○●★▷, pointed out in his speech○…, China .

Original title☆◁◁▪: Pick up Wang Wentao, Wang Zhonglin▼◁▷, Wang Zhonglin▷▽▪, was sent to the Source: Changan Street, a foundation of Jinan Municipal Committee, Wang Wentao▪◇▲…, Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, 1 month◁▷, and its passenger finally lowered the high-key phase – Jinan Mayor Wang Zhonglin has served as a municipal party committee secretary. Just, the website of the Communist Party of China has updated leadership information, showing Wang Zhonglin has been served as secretary of Jinan Municipal Party Committee. •…○▪”We have to rectify the behavior of Take the card. Who is a brand of Jinan, who we will be a meal …” In December 2016, Wang Zhonglin said this in the Jinan Work Decree. At that time, Wang Zhonglin just arrived in Jinan for less than one month◇◁☆•, “generation□…=”, =▷★”generation”▽=○◁, “generation”, has not been removed. However, if this is a voice, there is a sound resonance. In the late month, there was a large smog in Jinan▷★. 21!

Original title: [Brush screen] This fire is all the film, the movie of the circle of friends, attracting 110 million people to participate in a big event undenatured chicken collagen type ii properties of jello Gelatin capsule fish based collagen! ambar protein industries ltd ahmedabad! The large record movie …•”is amazed◇••, my country” is released on March 2○△. Up to now, the national box office has exceeded 200 million, refreshed a new record of Chinas record movie box office△▲. During the national two sessions, this record film not only triggered the spirit of the ministries and representatives, and even “I am” very embarrassed my country △▼○○”★-•☆, but also become the hottest words on the two sessions=△•. Everyone praised himself-▷=. The brilliant achievement of the industry. Xiao Yaqing, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission, borrowed a large number of central enterprises in the “powerful, my country-•△◆”, introduced the remarkable development achievements; Wan Steel, Minister of Science and Technology, also said that “seeing” it is very powerful, my country ▼…■”, I feel very touched.” Innovation in the science and technology, the industries are rapi▲○●?