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[empty-hard-gelatin-capsules]Zhongxin Net Sanya May 27 (Reporter Wang Xiaobin) A underwater photography game held on May 21st to 27th in Hainan Sanya▲●, lending the shot of the underwater photographer, colorful coral, ugly clown Fish, free sea turtles ..●△. Sanyas South China Sea is amazing▽▲▪▷. These photos are from the “2021 Hainan International Diver Festival · Water Photo Contest” industry invitation●•. The event attracted more than 300 underwater photographers and underwater models from China, 60 of which were invited to fly to Sanya▽○▷, and creative in the sea area near Wuzhizhou Island. In thousands of works◁△▽, the judges were selected from the wide-angle group…◆, the macro group and other groups of six good works. G◆▲★.

On May 27th (Reporter Wang Nina), China, this year, Heilongjiang Province will build a industrial cluster, implement a whole-industrial chain plan, and build food and agricultural products into the first pillar industry in Chinas first largest province. ○●”On the 27th, Wang Zhaochen, the director of the Agricultural Rural Department of Heilongjiang Province, said that by 2025□…▷•, the output value of the agricultural and agricultural products in Heilongjiang Province will exceed 1 trillion yuan (RMB, the same)▼=-. “The Investment Conference of Heilongjiang Provincial Agriculture and Agricultural Products Project Project” has been held in the near future, released the ○-▽=”strong signal•=◇” of agricultural development – the development of the whole industry chain, and the road to the deep processing. Heilongjiang Province is a recognized natural valley in the wor!

[Wang Guoqing talks about the relationship between China and Japan◁…▷, it is bad: root knots lies in the Japanese counterpostation] On March 2, the National Political Consultative Conference 13th a meeting press conference was held▷▷◇, and the two will be opened. The General Assembly spokesperson Wang Guoqing introduced the situation in this conference and answered the reporter◇-. Journalists talk about the issue of Sino-Japanese relations, request spokesperson to evaluate the relationship between China and Japan and expectations to Japan◁★▷◁. Wang Guoqing said that China and Japan have water, and the two countries are in East Asian countries. Sino-Japanese relations are not only related to the two countries, but also affect the region and the world. Recently, the relationship between China and Japan has a good shape, I hope that the two parties will seize the opportunity and promote the relationship between the two countries to return to normal tracks. Wang Guoqing said that when there is a good relationship between the two countries▲☆, the root knot is that Japan has repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly, and some politicians views are narrow. Wang Guoqing sa.

China Communications News, Nanchang May 27th (Reporter Li Yunhan) Beidou Satellite Navigation System will provide technical support for Chinas manned spaceflight project? “Beidou” and “Manned Space” can I collide how spark▼•☆☆? On the afternoon of the 27th, a discussion around “Beidou + Manned Space” was held in Nanchang★☆▽○, Jiangxi. The picture shows this forum site. Zhongxin News reporter Liu Li Xin took the day, the 12th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference is being held in Nanchang. As a member of the Assembly Important Forum•◆▼△, experts from the Beidou Satellite Navigation System and the manned space projects, and the participating experts around the application of the Beidou system in the manned space engineering, and manned spaceflight Such powder halal food grade gelatin protein collagen Gelatin wholesale. bovine hide collagen peptides vs hydrolyzed collagen gelatin chemical composition!