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[gelatin 200 bloom powder]Original title: China Southern Hunting Third-party platform value machine service▽△=, said unauthorized license has a risk source: Chinas voice According to Chinas voice news, recently (April 22)•△△▽, a civil aviation travel service software ★•” Available, the publication of the announcement, the navigation mobile phone value function has been launched. At the same time, in the “online selection★◇▽•” service of travel travel software such as Ctrip and Flying Pig••=☆, there is no ◇□●”China Southern Airline” option◆▲▪. Prior to this, China Southern Airlines issued a notice that some websites that have been issued have not obtained the Southern Airlines license, and mobile applications are stopped to apply for Southern Airlines passengers, and the value machine business, and said that passengers are handled in a non-authorized network platform■△◆▷. China Southern Airlines▽•, value machine business●◁, security and service risk. Why can third-party platforms provide a value-for-aircraft service? Unpredictab!

Original title◁★■: Huang Ailong◁◆★▲, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference: The chest transparent project in the medical examination of college entrance examination should be changed to Huang Ailong, a Governor of the CPPCC. Special reporter Liu Wei photo Huadong Network Beijing 23rd 36, China Online (Special Reporter Yongjun) At the national two sessions, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference-○, Huang Ailong, Vice President▽•, Chongqing Medical University▼▲, suggest that the college entrance examination student medical examination The chest transpretation item should be changed to chest, which can reduce the radiation dose and reduce the health damage to students★■. According to Huang Ailong☆=, there is a conventional chest perspective check in the college entrance examination medical examination. X-ray check is the most common project used to check the cardiopulmonary•◆△, mainly refers to chest and chest. What is the difference between the two? Huang Ailong said that chest transparent is a doctors continuous observation to patients○★▽, and the time is longer. The chest radiograph is on.

Original title◇□: Tianjin was ●◇•▲”stared at this deputy”◁○…▪, “for the sources of doing: Changan Street is a year, Wan Gang has returned to Tianjin. Although the Minister of Science and Technology, the Minister of Science and Technology has been fulfilled, the focus of Wan Steel is still focused on the development of our most cutting-edge technology. Today▲•…, the 2nd World Intelligence Conference opened in Tianjin. Li Hongzhong, Vice-Chairman of the 13th National Committee of China◇=, Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee•◆▼, and Mayor Zhang Guofa, etc▲◇•. participated in the opening ceremony-■. Changan Street, Id▷•…□: Capitalnews, noticed that Wan Steel for two consecutive years has maintained close attention to Tianjin Intelligent Science and Technology Industry Development. This is also reflected in his twins. Wan Steel speaking in the opening ceremony a year ago•□=▲, Wan Steel said in the opening ceremony of the first World Intelligence Conferenc○●.

[Wang Guoqing talks about poverty alleviation: the Committee on the CPPCC “micro-service private visit▪•” to understand the truth] Wang Guoqing introduced that in the past five years, my countrys universal adventure has achieved decisive progress. More than 66 million people are stable and poverty, the incidence of poverty is also sharply declined, and we say that achievement is obvious□△●•. Of course, some problems in such a big battle is also normal. The theme of the National Political Consultative Conference was held last year, the theme of “implementation of the existence of precise poverty alleviation…◇★☆”▷▲▼■. In order to master the truth●••●, find a question, in the Standing Committee, the first more than 100 members went to 75 poor counties to go to the village, and the time span was launched for four months of field investigation●△. Editor in charge=■◆…: Zhang Jian. hyperthermophile fussion proteins industry protein engineering in industrial biotechnology▷★□○.pdf

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