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Pure collagen.[plant based protein industry]Original title: It is strongly charged against the US government, and the Ministry of Commerce can do this●★□▼! Just a few hours ago, a series of reasons for Chinas launch of trade warfare for the US government, and our Ministry of Commerce has also introduced a detailed statement, which is comprehensively refuted the US view. But in these refutes▷★, there is a refutory refutation, but the refutation of this business department is targeted that the US claims that they …□•”do their work=△▼”, allegate me It is ignored ▼●”▽…” Not active response “…◁○. (The picture shows the refutation given by the US Embassy to Chinas ▽▷△◆”No sincerity” allegations) The Commerce Department is: the US allegations are not in fact, the real situation is China only in February to June this year◇▽. Four highs with the US delegati▼●.

Original title◁••: Social investment project is reduced to 45 working days yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Regulations that the Committee issued to the relevant units◁◇○□, reforming social investment construction projects▲□, through implementation of classification management, streamline approval Essentials, “Multi-regulated one△★▪•” platform coordinates, municipal access ▼▽”one-stop■▷-…” window service▪◁□, construction drawing review and completion acceptance ▪◆”only one door”○▪■, “Internet + government service•=▲”=-▼▼, etc.-●★, streamline approval The time limit is compressed to 45 working days▼◇◁. In the approval of the pre-conditions and declaration materials, the reform is proposed to “reduce the burden■•●…” in the construction unit▼◁•☆. For social investment, house construction projects can be determined by construction units○○•★, and no longer enforce the design and construction bidding, save the cost and construction cycle of construction unit▷-.

Zhongxin Net Hui Hoji May 26 (Reporter Li Aiping) “The hometown has been in my heart, and I often go back▲▲▪☆. I have never been away, and there is no return.•◆” On the 26th, China Mongolian singer Tengger is interviewed by reporters. Talking about his hometown Inner Mongolia prairie is said. Born in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Erdos□▲…, Erdos▪■, with ◇○△▷”Paradise”, ●-△”Wolf”, and other songs are red all over the Yangtze River. He has also formed a role in the film “Fast Gunner◁○★” “Shuangcheng Middle School”, which is known as ▪…=★”Meng Shu▪◁•○” □•”Emperor”. On the 26th▽☆=-, Tengger said in an interview with a reporter that the age is growing, and the feelings of this hometown are getting more and more serious-■…▷. This wo.

Original title: 5G huge waves hit▲★, is the opportunity to mature? The 5G wave is impacted in the telecommunications industry and peoples lives at the expected speed. At this years MWC World Mobile Communications Conference, 5G is unquestionable star. Huawei, ZTE▪▪☆, Gao Tong, Intel and other industry giants have shown 5G ●◆”muscles”, released a speech, and showcase products. On the one hand, 5G products and services have changed human life, forming a non-blocking technology wave; and on the other hand, there are also speaking opinions to 5G commercial use▷★. Is 5G commercialization really mature? Many 5G applications have been found for 5G related technologies and standards, and the industry has been studied for many years. However, in 2018, 5G came out of the laboratory and exhibitions, widely and application scenario?

Xinhua News Agency on August 20 (Reporter Liuhua) The Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the Secretary of the Central Secretary, held a talks in Beijing with the Board of Political Bureau of the Central Committee and the Central Secretary of the Central Committee. Wang Shanghai, said that the current Sino-Vietnamese relations have maintained a good development situation=…▷□, General Secretary Xi Jinping and General Secretary of Yu Fu again realized historical exchanges●▷▷□, indicating the direction of China and Vietnam, and planning the blueprint. Since this year, China and Vietnamese relations have shown many new situations, new changes, and new highlights. I hope that both parties focus on the important consensus of the general secretary of the two party secretary, and effectively play the political leading role of the two-party high-level exchanges to China and Vietnam◁◆○□, and promote the continued health and stable development of the comprehensive strategic partnership. Wang Huning said that comrades in Xi Xi Ping is the cor…▪◇? is jello a homogeneous mixture protein purification industry jobs

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