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About Us fish scales collagen chicken collagen powder,[fish gelatin halal]Original title Zhang Dejiang•▽: Resolutely curb and oppose the •-=”Hong Kong Union▲…◁” Activities Defend Constitution and Basic Law [Global Network News] On the afternoon of March 11 report. Zhang Dejiang said that the constitutional order of the special administrative regions established by the Constitution and Basic Law. The power to exercise the Constitution and the Basic Law made the decision on the general selection of Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and clarify the direction of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to develop democracy and the basic institutional arrangements☆•□△. An interpretation of the 154th of the Basic Law of Hong Kong=◆◁, resolutely contains and opposes the “Hong Kong Union◇●…◇” act▷•, defending the Constitution and the basic law△▼•. Approved the Mainland and Hong Kong in the implementation of the port of Guangdong and Hong Kong West Kowloon Stati.

The bank card is stolen and the right to rights is a convenient credit payment tool. Bank card is widely used in my country, and with the development of mobile Internet△●, bank card network payment is increasing. The person in charge of the Supreme Peoples Court, pointed out that in recent years, bank card disputes caused by bank card stealing brushes△▷△◇, credit card transfiration expenses▪☆=•, and liquidated contracts have continued to increase. While infringing the property rights of the parties, bank cards also affects the safety and stable development of bank card payment markets△■▽◆, hidden risks★○. On May 25th, the Supreme Peoples Court regulates several issues in the case of the bank card civil dispute case (hereinafter referred to as ▪▼■”provisions”) released and implemented▽■▲, the bank card c■◇☆○.

China New Network Beijing May 27 (Xu Wei Du Yan) It is reported that the overall AIDS epidemic in Beijing is currently in low levels of epidemic●▽•◁. The number of new reports has dropped steadily. The sexual dissemination is still the main spread of AIDS☆==. This is the “Zheng Youth, Love Health-Campus” event hosted by the Beijing Semic Disease AIDS Prevention Association and the Beijing CDC jointly organized by the Beijing CDC. Teenagers are the prevention and control of the vice president of Chinas Chinas AIDS Prevention and Treatment Association…■, Wang Xinlun◁◁◁, introduced that AIDS is infectious disease in Chinas key prevention■○, current AIDS has no causing drugs, no vaccine prevention. Three main spread paths of HIV-sex, blood and maternal and child. In recent yea•▲▷★.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 28th■-☆◁: ​​Dreaming Yangtze River Building Anzhen Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Yuan Beijing western suburbs, the Central Archives, a document called ☆☆…”Notice of the State Planning Commission on the official start of the Three Gorges Project△○•▪” Cultural cabinet. The “Three Gorges Project was officially started in mid-December 1994″□□, which could not help but recall the Changjiang Anzhens 100-year-old Dream Tour. “Improve this upstream, when the water is soaked=□, so that the boat has been tracered▲□△, and it can also share the hydraulic.” Mr•▪. Sun Yat-sen has been in the …=□”Industrial Program” in the Founding of the Peoples Republic of China□◁, the first proposed in Yichang□•, Hubei The idea of ​​the Three Gorges Project. At the time of the Yangtze River Basin, Hongqi was crowded. In the na.

Source: Guangming□□●.com For the 200th anniversary of Marx, [Dialogue Marx, the famous “column of◇–” Dialogue Marx, Dean], which invited the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences▷▲◇, Deng Chundong▪◁, the Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Social Academy, and Dean, please talk about Marx-▷☆. view◁■▪. The text is everyone, May 5 this year, is the 200th anniversary of Marxs birth. Marx is a German, born in Trier▪☆★…, Germany in 1818, Marx is a great man, is a founder of Marxism, why can he create Marxist theory, can create a scientific socialism●▼□? In addition to the social historical conditions at the time, the special excellent quality of Marxs individual is very important. As a revolutionary, as a revolutionary founder●○, with revolutionary spirit◁△, critical spirit, creating spiri?