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[gelatin is what]The original title Western media pays attention to Chinas “empty nest old man”: encourages children to independence but still lonely Reference news network on March 6th=◇, the West Media said that in decades–▽●, Chinas economic and social change, and the aging phenomenon also triggered discussion…◆, The increasing episodes of empty nests have triggered social attention. Spain China Policy Observing Website March 4th issue▲=★-, empty nests mainly affect 60-80-year-old people, their children are forced to separate from their parents due to work, learning and marriage, these elders have become depressed◇▽▽, sad and pain. The article said that although it is not a medical clinical state, loneliness and loss are the feeling of most empty nesters, and at the same time, most parents are still independent of their children…▪●, let them walk away, the experience is painful and difficult to overcome▲▼. o•☆▪!

Original title: China is falling into zero and other countries■▽◇? Hua Chunying▼•□: Everyone has a mirror “Foreign Ministry Spokesman Office” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news, on July 20th△●, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs○■◆, the reporter asked▷□•▲: According to reports, the US White House National Trade Commission Director Varo said that China is in China and other countries in trade issues into a zero and game, and the United States needs to cooperate with other countries. What is Chinas comment■□? Hua Chunying: Recently△▷, US officials have published a lot of ridiculous remorsement that reversed black and white▲○-•, I understand that they may have the needs of people in China to express their uneasiness and opposition to the United States. However, in view of Mr. Navar in the US trade policy, I still have to prevent it from misleading more people from mistake△….

Original title▪•: Municipal Party Committee Secretary●=◇○, Deputy Provincial☆□=, Deputy Mayor “Sponsored” Million Source: Changan Street In recent days, retirement 3 years later◆…◇, the original deputy mayor Guo Zhixin, the original deputy mayor of Tieling, was disclosed. Changan Street, Id: Capitalnews▼☆◁, found that Guo Zhixin has a state-owned asset loss of 1.7 billion yuan in order to improve political achievements and the benefits of 100 million yuan. He also made a bribe Li Wenko, Secretary of Tieling Municipal Party Committee, helping its bribery deputy provincial level★▽, with a amount of 1.2 million◆★. For the municipal party secretary raised bribery funds Guo Zhi Xin branched in July 1961, Liaoning Province, Faku County, who has worked for a long time in Tieling City, and promoted the deputy mayor of Tieling in July 2005●■, in charge of land resources, urban and rural construction■•, planning, environment Protection▼◆, earthquake, civil air defense, new ci. collagen peptides without bovine soluble pectine foodgrade food grade gelatin.

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