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Contacts.[gelatinous tablet]Original title: Beijing urban afternoon may be snow New Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi) As of Yesterday, Beijing has not effectively precipitated in 135 days=…▪. Today (March 7) began in the afternoon◆■, snowflakes in Beijing▪•◇. However, due to the poor water vapor conditions●▲•, the city is still difficult to see the snow……. However▷▽, the latest radar figure shows that the afternoon snow girl is likely to go into the city. The latest weather forecast shows that Beijing today is cloudy in the cloudy□○, western region (Mentougou, Fangshan) and north mountainous area (Yanqing, Huairou, Miyuns mountainous area) have a rain, a snow or a sporadic snow, Nanfeng 1, 2-level turn north wind 3 Level, the highest temperature is 6 ° C△△□; the night is cloudy=□●★, the north wind is 3, 4, the lowest temperature is -2 ° C. Editor in charge: Guoqia•★◁.

Original title○…▲•: [Solution] The experience of this county-level city★…=△, why is the high-level value? “Three-day days of destined to seven points” this year is the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening up, and the official media has begun a large-scale special report. The Peoples Daily opened a column with “Broad East Take the New Era” in the first phase. The first phase fully reported on Shenzhen reform experience with a number of specifications=▼…. After the Shenzhen, I boarded this column after Shenzhen★◆, it was a county town in Fujian. This crown is in the county of “Jinjiang Experience-…-“. When the reform is started, pushed to the front desk•-▽▼. Some people in Jinjiang said that this World Cup◆★, China has went to the football team. Among them, there are frequent “Jinjiang Brands”, Anta, 361 °, Step, etc. in all kinds of international stations. Jinjia.

Original title: Who can retire early in advance? How to advance in the retirement? The answer is coming! During the national two sessions this year, some of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference called: Specialized retirement system reforms in advance. my country is currently legal retirement age, male is 60 years old, female workers are 50 years old, female cadres are over 55 years old★▪☆. According to the law, some special types of employees who meet special conditions can be retired in advance according to law. Then, the employee, civil servants meet any conditions to retire in advance, how is the specific procedure△○? What changes may occur in the future retirement policy? The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference calls•■▽■: to start the special type of retirement system in advance, during the national two sessions of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference from Hainan, the joint call: Specialty as soon as possible to retre.

In 2018, the national two sessions Guizhou delegation centralized interviews held in Beijing. (This reporter Yang Changding / photo) Original title: [Two sessions close-up] Guiyang Mayor: East has the west of Wuzhen Internet Conference, the Source: Colorful Guizhou Net Colorful Guizhou Net News (this reporter Zhao Wei) March 9 In the evening, the 2018 National Two Sessions Guizhou delegation centralized interviews continued to be held in Beijing. National Peoples Congress●△, Deputy Secretary of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Wei, last year=•…-, we will become a “Guiyang Mobs” in China International Data Industry Expo•☆…▪, which has become an international top-level data of the same level of Germany CeBIT exhibition, US GSMA exhibition. Professional exhibition☆□, with the Wuzhen World Internet Conference echoes each other, misplaced development◆◇…•, forming “Eastern Wuzhen Internet Conference, West Guiyang Exp?

Original title: China Aerospace Association issued 13 passers-through and uncivilized behaviors occurred in the security checkpoint Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) China Aviation Transport Association released the third batch of civil aviation passengers uncivilized behavior records. This record showed that 13 civil aviation passengers did not have civilized behavior in January this year. The reporter found that in this batch of uncivilized behaviors★★•▲, the passengers in the security checkpoint did not cooperate with no civilized behavior in January, and did not cooperate with the uncivilized behavior of security work☆•. In addition, there are 3 incidents that have serious impact on civil aviation operations, such as passenger Huang crossing the airport sergeant into the flight control area. There were two categories of passengers who had not been recorded in this exposure. First, the passenger Chen was in the process of aircraft, and the second is the brigad. protein bar industry growth what are bovine collagen peptides made from

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