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About Us,[geleton]Original title: Another big action! China R & D “Super High Speed ​​Rail”•▲△▷, theoretical speed can reach 1000 kilometers collagen mask facial! The “super ring high-speed rail▲■▲★” advocated by technology madman has been recognized in the United States. It is conducting a feasibility plan. The ultra-ring high-speed rail uses low vacuum pipelines and magnetic suspension techniques, and the speed will approach the aircrafts 1000 km speed. This high-speed rail can not only build a surface•●○△, but also excavation of underground tunnels. In China△=○▪, this experiment is also in progress. “Economic Half-hour☆□•” reporter in a laboratory in Chengdu, I saw Chinese scientists working hard. China publishes high-temperature superconductive suspension technology Chengdu Southwest Jiaotong University, the worlds first vacuum pipeline super high-speed maglev train ring experiment line platform is the first manned high temperature superconducting magnetic suspension ring experiment line. Total li what is gelatin from!

The market hot discussion of the China Deposit Ticket (CDR) rules officially landed, this time is online in the Chinese government, with the form of the “State Councils Office to forward the CSR rules•…•▼”★=, the specifications are quite high•○★▪, the full name of the document is called ▼•△”about carrying out innovation Some opinions on the issuance of stocks or deposit vouchers in the corporate ▷=□●”•△△, which are clear in terms of investors extensive pilot scope, pilot enterprises□▽△◆, pilot methods, issuance rules and other aspects◇☆-. It is particularly emphasized that in the pilot mode of the stock returns◇●=◆, while allowing the pilot red-chip enterprises to list the departure vouchers in the country capital market, they also determine the pilot red-chip enterprises with stock issuance listing conditions can be applied. Issued stocks listed. Shaking! Unicorn belonging to China, A shares welcomes the new economic “rule door” has slowly opene!

Original title■☆•◇: The truth of the United States and China trade deficit, all in these six accounts▲◇ protein cookie industry! On April 6○◁…, in the face of Chinas tough counterattack, Trump, which is very unwilling, will consider adding $ 10 billion tariffs to Chinese goods. Many people ask▪☆, will Trump will have such an unusual move? What is the cause of the United States provoked the friction of the United States in this round? Trump said the most is the US loss. And the so-called US loss, but also to trade deficit. The Trump government claims that in 2017, the US-China trade deficit is as high as 375★▽○….2 billion US dollars▪…○, Trump also states that the US trade deficit is reduced by $ 10 billion□•. Is the fact like the US say? So, these reasons they advocate do not stand their feet in the end? In the next few days●▲○…, CCTV Financial Channel will laun.

Original title: This time, China is ▪□…”gun” by the US media, but our heart is willing gelatin how is it made! Today★▪▼-, a tourism safety tips from the Chinese Embassy in the United States, accidentally caught the attention of many American mainstream media and many American people .★□▽=.▽▷. It turns out that in this Chinese people are quite ordinary tourism safety tips There is a saying that I deeply stimulate Americans – “The United States is inappropriate▲•, shooting, robbery, theft case is frequent …◁▷■” So, the first to pay attention to the US ▽=◁”New York Times” of this tourism security tips. This is written in its latest report: China is reminding that the nationals should be alert to the high-frequency gun violence-▲, but this dangerous country is the United States .□◆.. The newspaper further introduced that The problem of violence in the United States is inde.

Zhongxin Net Hefei May 28 (Reporter Zhang Qiang) Why is the nucleic acid detection of the nucleic acid=◁=? Why is there a new case or asymptomatic infection●=▲? In this regard○◆▷, Wang Wei◇★-, deputy mayor of Luan City, Anhui Province, responded to the press conference held in the Office of the New Corpneum Pneumonia Fancy Office in Anhui Province on the 28th. Wang Hao said△☆•■: “The whole nuclei detection we now refers to the Six, surrounding township, and all residents of the key area▲-▪▼, excluding the key population of centralized isolation points△▲, sealing management grid units and other places. This part of the key crowd testing time, the number, etc., because this part of the crowd is a crowd of the focus of our focus. “Wang Wei introduce!