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anti aging collagen – pharmaceutical grade gelan![chicken native type ii collagen]Original title: The Chinese governments transparency index report released Guizhous first provincial governments first Beijing News (Reporter Shaob) On March 22, the Law Index Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences issued “China Government Transparency Index Report ( 2017) ▪▽”The report is based on government website information disclosure. The results show that Guizhou Province, Sichuan Province, Beijing is in the forefront of the provincial government; the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology-▽, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the Ministry of Commerce, in the forefront of the State Council□▽. The 2017 evaluation target includes 54 national departments, 31 provincial governments, 49 larger municipal governments□○, and 100 county governments▪=▼■. The 100 county-level governments selected for the …△□•”State Councils Office on Printing and Distributing the Conduct of Grassroots Government Open Standardizatio.

China Xinwang on May 28th According to the website of the General Administration of Customs, the positive of the new crown virus nucleic acid is detected from the 3 outer packaging samples from Pakistan 1 to frozen ink fish. According to the Administrative Department of the Administration of Customs 2020, No△◇. 103 of 2020 The national customs have been suspended from the Pakistani water products production enterprises M / S. Tri Star Seafood (registration number T-362/2014) is 1 week. Customs Department website screenshot [Editor: Zhang Yixi.

Original title: I will mention it●▼▽☆ hard gelatin capsules production line! Good news after the Dragon Boat Festival=▷◁, there is a relationship with everyone! After the Dragon Boat Festival, the last small holiday in this summer has passed. Dont take it why are proteins important in the food industry! Below these good news▼▲, give you a breathable ~ Some high-speed rail tickets are 6△◁•▲.5 fold! Image Source: Temil Network July 5 this year▪-…•, Hefei to Wuhan, Wuhan to Yichang●=★▲, Wuhan to Yichang, Guiyang to Guangzhou, Liuzhou to Nanning, Shanghai to Nanjing, Nanjing to Hangzhou 6-segment running speed 200 to 250 The high-speed rail EMU announced the fare to optimize the fare. The explicit implementation of the fare is to announce the maximum price of the fare. The railway related enterprises can practice the fare in the limit price according to the passenger flow situation, season season, time period•▽▪, division▲☆…, the partition section is flying in the limit price△▷, and the maximum discount is 6.5 fold. Adju•☆◆?

Original title: Chinas factory is too magical▷•▽◇: a car offline every 2 minutes gelatin 230bloom◇●△! …■•◁”Science Fiction” is the soup▷▲… side effects of hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides! The world is in the intersection of the new technological revolution and industrial change☆◁◆▼. Informatization, industrialization is constantly incorporated▼☆…◇, the smart equipment industry represented by robotics is booming○◆•◁. In 2017▲…, China continued to become the worlds largest industrial robot market•-•▲, and sales exceeded 120,000 units, accounting for about one third of the worlds total production. At the same time, China has become the first consumption of high-end CNC machine tools for the ninth consecutive year-☆△, and 50% of 50% of CNC machines around the world are on Chinas production line. This year, Chinas total number of artificial intelligence companies is close to 600☆▽★, jumped the world second; Chinas 3D add-up manufacturing industry has reached 8 billion yuan, the product system is getting more and more, equipme?