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Contacts![fish collagen peptides benefits]The reporter learned from the Jian County Emergency Administration of Jining City, Shandong Province. Since the emergence of the Xinan Coal Mine of Juju Mine, the accident shall have a professional rescue force, and do a good job in the search and rescue work of the trapped miners. As of 17●…▲:32 on May 28, three trapped miners have continued to rise◁■, and the life signs of the liters are stable and the mental state is good. At present, under the guidance of emergency rescue experts, rescuers are fully rescue for the remaining three trapped miners. (General Taiwan reporter Li Bingzen) [Editor: Su Yiy.

Original title◇•: (Culture · Times) The 5th Feng Hushu Literature Awards announced▽•☆▷: Shi Yifeng, Lu Min, Li Yunlei Winning Xinhua News Agency Beijing May 6th (Reporter Shi Jingu) The 5th Feng Hushu Literature Award was issued at Beijing Li Yunlei★☆, who is a stone●▽■, Lu Min☆•●, Lu Min, Lu Min□■, and literary criticist, respectively, in recent years, in recent years, the performance of literary creation, literary theory and criticism. Feng Mu Literature Award□●▽, Department of Excellence organizers=▷, literary critics◁•●, extension Feng Mu…■▽, inheriting the prosperity of the prosperity of the Chinese literature community, and promoting the prosperity of the prosperity of literary careers. Chen Jiangong, director of the Feng Hushen Award Jury, said that the award aims to reward the meaning of its work and unique artistic performance in the beginning of the literary world, the potential and excellent literary newcomers, the award is published in literary trends, literary phenomena, and writers◇●●▽. Creamed commen.

Original title: Two sessions observed Decrease 8 positive levels, after 7 deputy-level agencies△▲-▽, the State Council also has to pass these three corrosions: the agency withdrawn, ★•=□”most system” is also good, after all◁▪=◆, in order to use A “small and fine” has a government to promote the healthy development of the market, and achieve the “market in resource allocation▼☆…” – rather than reshaping a ◆★”big government”-▼▲. The new round of institutional reform has exceeded any time since the reform and opening up▲◆, of course, also exceeds public expectations. In these two days, the peoples contexts consideration of the reform programs of the State Council, a lot of representatives of their ☆□▽”strong, touched the profit★•, and the reconstruction of the reconstruction•△▷★”, using the words “unprecedented◇☆◆▷”. According to the plan, after the completion of the reform of the State Council▽☆…▽, there will be 8 positive partitions■•△▷, 7 deputy-level agenci.

Original title: The largest atmospheric inspection in the history of Anhui: 16 provincial cities full coverage “Anhui Environmental Protection▼◇” WeChat public number is to implement the “Atmospheric Pollution Prevention-▽◇”-★▽•, strengthen the atmospheric environment law enforcement inspection, ▼▪☆”Air Pollution Prevention Action Program …•”Determined the goal, effectively improve the quality of the environment and the quality of the environment and win the blue sky to defend the war▪▷•. On March 5, the Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department held a training meeting for the 2018 – 2019 Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Supervision. On March 6, the first round of inspection team will rush to each city to work△◆□. The target mission urges the governments and related departments to earnestly implement the “Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Law▽■”, strictly implement the “Anhui Blue Space Defense Warfare 2018-12020 Implementation Plan” and “Anhui 2018 Air Pollution Prevention Key Work Task” and .

Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 26 (Liu Meizhen) “It is expected that in the next 10 years=■, special medium-sized quantum computers will first appear, and will further display the superiority of quantum computers in quantum chemical simulation, quantum machine learning, etc. Play an important role in precision biopharmaceutical▼☆, new materials and special material design, artificial intelligence, game decision, etc. On the morning of the 26th, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xue Qunkun, President Southern University of Science and Technology●=◆▼, was released on the opening ceremony of the 2021 China International Data Industry Expo When the main point of speech is said. Xue Kun said that the first step is to complete a special computer in the first 10 years. If the quality level of the quantum transistor is getting higher and higher, it gradual.

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