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[la supergrappe des industries des protéines du canada]Original title◇◇-□: An case of African piglet epidemic in Shenyang City, Shenyang City: Liaoshen Evening News August 2 August 2 pm, diagnosed by China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center, China Shenyang Shenbei New District Shenbei Street (New City) Subcarbyrators in the five-five communities, suspected African swine fever●▼, and confirmed on August 3 at 11 am●▪◇★. After the epidemic, the agricultural rural department▲△, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government attaches great importance to the immediate launch of major animals (II) epidemic response, quickly forming the expert group to the epidemic area, guiding effort, delineates the epidemic point, the epidemic area and Because of threat zones, emergency deployment, guiding local strict implementation measures. Shenyang City, Shenbei New District strictly in accordance with the ★=★-“African Pig Fatio Epidemic Emergency Plan△□”●☆◇, pouring, disinfecting and harmless treatment on the epidemic point◇▽○, disruption in the epidemic zone◆▼-▷, students who have been threaten.

Original title▼◁•: Peking University overall relocation to Xiongan New District? Northern President Lin Jianhua responded to the picture source: Visual China National Peoples Congress, Peking University Principal Lin Jianhua◆▼◁: Using Curse Technology to promote the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei education to promote the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergy, quality education Resources become fragrant. Representative of the National Peoples Congress▽…★, Peking University President Lin Jianhua-◇, recommended that the promotion of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei education in Beijing★▷◇●. Lin Jianhua said that MOOC is an abbreviation of English “large-scale open online courses”, which is quickly swept the world after 2012○★◇. In April 2013, my countrys East Western University Curriculum Sharing Alliance was established under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, and the Chairman of Peking University▽★-, the University of Fudan University○▲★, Nanjing Universit.

Original title: Sichuan Provincial Tourism Investment Group Party Committee, Deputy Secretary, Vice Chairman, President, Vice Chairman▽◆, President■▲▽★, Vice Chairman=□○△, and President of the Provincial Tourism Group, Supervision Surveillance Sichuan Provincial Tourism Investment Group Co◆…□▪.●□☆□, Ltd•▷=●. Lu Rong□◇, deputy secretary, deputy chairman and president of the Chairman of Hong Group Co.…▽, Ltd.◆-▷, and the president of the president, the president, is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for disciplinary review and supervision. Langongji Qi Hui Langui, male, Han nationality, May 1959, Guizhou Bijie, in-service graduate. In July 1979○-, he participated in the work, joined the Communist Party of China in July 1986▪●…▲. From July 1979 to June 1991▪…, Sichuan Automobile Transportation Company Chengdu Company was working; from June 1991 to September 1993, he served as the Office of the Communist Party of Chi△◇□.

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Chen Hang) Beijing City Implemented directory management, unapproved collection or harvesting of natural germplasm resources▷■★, will be 5☆★☆■,000 yuan or more 50,000 The following fines below. On the 27th, the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th National Peoples Congress of Beijing was held. Li Fusheng, Director of the Beijing Municipal Justice●☆=, mentioned above as the ○○”Beijing Seed Ordinance (Draft)△▪▲▼” (the Bill of the Description of the Bill)☆●▪. It is not enough to face germplasm and have a problem of not enough, and the Beijing has a total of 265 certified seed production and management enterprises★▪•. In the Beijing-National-level cultivated research and development institution□▼, more than 80 national seed industry research and development institutions-▼, in the national-level industrial proje…■▽?

Original title: Chengdu multi-sector is talking about US group taxi○■: Welcome to the network of net money market◇▪▷, do not have low-cost dumping Meet comments have set up a branch in Jinniu District•▪, which will operate online in Chengdu. At present☆▲★, the US Mission Network has been submitted to the Chengdu Neturo District Current Communications Office for application materials. On February 2nd, the Chengdu Municipal Transportation Committee and the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly talk about Shanghai Road Group Technology Co., Ltd★•▲=. (Metri Review), March 30, the Municipal Communications Commission will also be the Municipal Public Security Bureau▲■◇, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Industry and Commission The bureau waited for the United States and Taxi online platform to carry out the joint discipline☆★■, once again◁▼, the US group issued relevant requirements in Chengdu according to law, and the US Mission Network is signed by his head of guarantee■▽. Participants also include the Municipal Netition Office, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau◇◁, the Municipal Economic and Information Committee◇▽•, the Municipal Commerce Committee and Jinniu Distri□▽○-.