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[the meat industry solutions to plant]Original title■▲: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress Yellow Club: Demonstration of Demonstration Double-Detection Requirements Cancellation of Social Support New Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) A few years ago to cancel the social support fee, the National Peoples Congress represents Huang Xiaolong, The 13th National Peoples Congress once again proposed the proposal to cancel the social support. “The▷▽▷” Chinese fertility ◇▽★◆”is a good time to be vigilant. In this context, the fine of super-life children is still continuous.” Huang Daihua quoted a group of data in the recommendations: 2017, the national birth population is 17◇■.23 million People, the birth rate is 12.43 ‰, which is reduced in the previous year. “There is a logic vulnerability in social support.” Huang Mihua pointed out that the family planning department believes that the population of the birth of more social public resources, !

Original title: Remediation of school training chaos●▲▽, all parties need to cooperate with “combined punch” Source: Great Wall Network In this year, the first ▲☆”minister channel” of the two sessions of the country, Chen Baosheng▷▷, Minister Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education, clearly, to strengthen governance through legislation ▲●•”Barbarous growth” extracurricular training institution. On the 13th▪▷, Zhang Yimei•◆▼▲, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and Zhang Yimei, the party secretary of the Ningbo Town, Zhejiang Province, pointed out that rectification of school training chaos needed to cooperate with the -▽☆”combination of boxing”☆●-•, and let the school become children to learn cultural knowledge by providing quality teaching services. The main front●◇▷. In order to be burned to primary and secondary school students, the state must be a chaos of foreign training institutions…▪■. As a result, the relevant several areas, including students□◆★, parents and educators□○-. Previously, the school training was extremely hot, leading to the “decline in lessons=■, lesso.

Original title●□■=: The former girlfriend of the son has been reported with tens of millions of Yangzhou retirement officials who were taken by Wang Yan Ru in the microblogging○▲, and the Yangzhou State-owned Assets Citizenship Director Huang Daoolong and his son Huang Yu Reported to have a huge amount of property, triggering a wide focus on the Internet, and the front girlfriend of Wang Yanru is Huang Yu. According to the Junzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission◁■★•, in the interview with modern Express reporters☆=■, the Commission Supervision committee will definitely have rot to reverse•▪☆, there must be greedy, and will be serious and verified for receiving reports…•▲•. The results will be announced in time. On March 20, the Yangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission issued a news●□○◆: Huang Daoolong●•△, the original director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Management Committee of Yangzhou Municipal Government, is suspected of serious violations of law and is currently being accepted for discipline review and supervision. Real name repo△□■▽.

China New Network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Du Yan) At present, Beijings rural roads totaled 13125 kilometers◆★●•, accounting for 60% of the road mileage of the road□☆★☆, and the proportion of rural roads in the city continued to be more than 90%. Among them, 10 districts in Beijing have created 66 beautiful rural roads to 246 kilometers•▲, and the 13-year-related level of urban and rural transportation integration is all 5A. Today, “My Doors Road” Beijing show week activities officially launched◇▷◁, aims to showcase the development of rural road construction□▼•△, showing winter boat transportation results, witness the revitalization of rural economy in Beijing•…. Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee, the event lasted from May to June and wi. industrial protein skimmer are marshmallows made of horse hoovesContacts.

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