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Gelatin capsule.[gelatin boiling point]Original title: “Three rural” veteran Chen Xiwens new role March 19 The 68-year-old Chen Xiwen has a new role. The Chinese Agricultural Office, the original Standing Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference★□▲•, the new National Peoples Congress (Non-known National Peoples Congress Agricultural Committee) Director, March 19th☆▽□, The 13th National Peoples Congress has passed this appointment. In the context of deepening the reform, the national legislative practice task is heavy, and the three rural areas are particularly prominent. Among the five-year legislative plan of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, there is a formulation and revision of the legal land occupation tax law, rural land contracting method□▼, land management law. Born in 19●▲▼.

Original title: Dynasty, Korea▼-●=, Dynasty▪□, Successful Contact China: I am glad that the next step in the United States is the key [Global Times – Global Network Reporting Reporter Guo Fang] According to reports▲●, the DPRK, the United States▷•, the United States…◁-, the parties•▽▲=, the political solution of the peninsula Active progress▽•. Dynastipan and South Korea have achieved a number of consensus on the specific implementation of the “Directory Declaration”△=, set up a common contact firm and held military, sports and red cross talks△◆★◇. Jin Yingzhe=☆▷•, deputy chairman of the North Korean Labor Party Central Committee, ended its visit, and US President Trump said that the leaders of the United States will be held as scheduled. At the 4th◇=★, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Hua Chunying said that the situation in the Korean peninsula has further slowdown in the recent future, and has made positive progress in the development of Korean relations and the United States dialogue◇•▷. China is happy……=…. tab.

Original title: Chinese pathology Thai died▼□-, she all lives with death for patients with death★…▷◁, famous medical scientists◁•▼, pathologists…▲▲▷, medical educationists, Beijing Union Hospital Pathology, Comrade Liu Yuhua, invalid◁▼◇▽, At 11:11, on July 8, 2018, he died in Beijing Union Hospital and enjoys 89 years old▼▼△▽. Image Source: Beijing Association Hospital said “pathology”, many ordinary netizens may be slightly strange. But some people in the family have cancer, they will know the components of these two words-□▷. Simply put●◇▲, where did the disease come, what extent, what is the extent■…, what should be cured□●▪▽, many of the important decisions of clinical medicine, have to seek answers from pathological analysis. In the Department of Pathology, Beijing Association○-▪▼, patients can often see a white-haired eight-year-old man sitti.

Original title: Shaanxi informed central environmental protection inspections: Yellow River Wetland Protected Area was opened Near 10=○…▽,000 acres from November 28th to December 28, the Central Sixth Environmental Protection Insugation team launched an environmental protection inspector in Shaanxi Province, 2017 On April 11, the inspectors were fed back to Shaanxi Province. The Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the inspecting and feedback, and has carried out relevant rectification work, and the relevant requirements of the central environmental protection inspectors and “party and government matcharies■▽◇◆, one post, dereliction accountability■◇▽□, lifetime The principle•△▷, according to law□=, grade classification to carry out investigation and processing, do truth from facts, objective analysis, precision accountability, and resolutely let ecological environmental protection★=▷, slow as=◆, chaos▼☆, and harm the behavior of the ecological environment is disciplinary◆-•□. According to the facts=•, according to the fac.

Original title•○◁■: The central banks “according to the troops” all day, the net retransmission of hundreds of billions▽◆, considering the financial institutions legal deposit reserve retirement and local national library cash management operations can be impact on factors such as rebounds of the Bank of Bank•▪▼•, in order to maintain the mobility of the banking system Stable, the central bank did not carry out open market operation on March 5……○◆. Due to 100 billion yuan in Monday, I realized hundreds of billions of net reincarnation since then. In terms of capital interest rates, Shibor rose•▽◇★, overnight and 7 days of variety●-▼▽. Overnuasing 12.10bp report 2□▽▼★.6520%, 7 days Shibor fell 0.3bp twice to 2.207%, 14 days of Shibor rose 0.20bp△•, 1 month, Shibor rose 2.75bp to 4.0726.