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gelatin bones supplier – osaka hope mills north carolina.[beef gelatin near me]Original title: RMB priginal crude oil futures listed foreign media…□=▲: China seek larger crude oil pricing rights Reference News Network reported foreign media said that China has launched a crude oil futures contract with RMB, and foreign investors will have a chance for the first time. Buy Chinese commodity futures. This worlds largest crude oil importer is currently seeking to improve the impact on global oil prices. According to the Fa XPO, on March 26, the futures contract allows investors to hedge actual oil prices, the RMB denier futures contract may allow China to exercise greater control for the price of the main consumption of the country. According to the report▷□-, this is also the latest initiative to enhance the international image of the RMB international image. The International Industrial Research Center engaged in energy industry information services said in a report, new contrac.

Original title: Wuhan homony case proclaimed victim family=▲▼: childrens psychology is often hidden in the corner, crying on June 27…◆, “The museum murder case” was sentenced to the Wuhan Intermediate Peoples Court sentenced▲◇•▷, the murderer Hu was intentionally killed The establishment of the crime▼▽, in view of its restrictions of criminal responsibility, coupled with statutory from the light circumstances, the death sentence is suspended for two years, and restricts the commutation. The judgment came out that night△•▪▽, the victim Yao Yongshengs sister Yao Fang did not sleep. In February last year, her brother Yao Yongsheng was hacked by Hu. Yesterday, the Wuhan Hall murder who had been paying attention was pronounced in the Wuhan Intermediate Peoples Court, and the murderer was sentenced to death◇◁. Looking back◆•, Yao Fang said□▼, 12-year-old nephew witnessed his fathers tragic scene, so far could not come out from the pain, still could not ▷…=.

Original title□●☆△: Capital Airport T2 Terminal “Brush Face” can quickly pass the security of the Capital Airport in the country to achieve “face recognition” security inspection=•☆◇, currently trial in T2 terminal, the new security system will significantly reduce passengers through security check channel time. The reporter learned from the Capital Airport that after more than two years of research and development▷★★, the Capital Airport took the lead in launching the “Smart Passenger Security System” in the country▪★★. Recently▲▲▪, the reporter saw the No. 2 security passage of the domestic departure of the Capital Airport T2 terminal. The new laid intelligent security system has been opened in some security check channels◆•-, and some staff guides the passengers before the brush machine. It is understood that the intelligent security system was first enabled at the airport T2 terminal on March 19▲◁-. Beijing News reporter Guo Chao completed safety identification and disposal reporters within 1 minute, seeing the link●▪, passenge◇•.