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[pectin wholesale]Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27 (Du Cheng) Peoples Bank Chengdu Branch reported that in order to promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, help to achieve “carbon-carbon carbon neutral••◇=” goal, the banks innovation monetary policy The tool is used to formulate special support plans for carbon emission reduction tickets, guiding financial institutions to use central banks to increase funds to increase financing support for carbon emission reduction enterprises. Since the plan for half a month, the carbon reduction ticket has been applied to 95, the amount is 1123 billion yuan. The annual reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide corresponding to the payment of the payment of 342,200 tons▪●, and the bill discount is average the average interest rate in the first quarter. Weighted average interest rate is 0.51 percentage poin!

Original title: Thai media said Chengdu Yue Rise Innovation Center became a regional urban development model of Regional City, China (Sichuan) Free Trade Test Zone, China (Sichuan) Free Trade Test Zone■•■, Chengdu Tianfu New District, Chengdu Tianfu New District••◁, Chengdu Science City Building. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yubin photo news network March 27 Thai media said that the Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Chengdu is playing role•▲▲, breaking all technology-related things appearing in the eastern coastal region of China. According to the Thai “National Report” website, most of Chinas wealth, industrial◁▼☆▲, and energetic cities and innovation centers are located in the east of the country. However-◆◆▼, the fierce competition for entrepreneurs at home and abroad is making many regional cities to overerepere. According to reports▪▲•◆, Chengdu is in the middle of Chinas 17-city double-found index ranking fourth•▼○□, this index .

China New Network reported on the British “Financial Times” on the 27th that the EU has requested the court to order Aslikang to pay the potential of hundreds of billion in the damages, if the company fails to increase its later in June New crown vaccine delivery■○◁. According to a report, a lawyer in the EU told Brussels on the 26th▪◇-, if the company fails to supply additional 20 million vaccines before the end of June, the European Commission requested the company to pay 10 euros per dosage. This requirement is part of the lawsuit initiated by the European Commission▷◇…, forcing Aslikang to deliver 90 million vaccines in the second quarter of this year▷○◁●, not currently 70 milli Bovine collagen peptide blooming gelatin protein analysis importance to food industry gelatin capsule 00!Pure collagen,