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[fda form 3537]Formulate the State Market Supervision Administration. No longer retaining the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Surveylation, State Food and Drug Administration. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili.

China News News Agency★△▲, May 28th, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has submitted the first written statement on the 28th to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Solution Committee, pointing out that the US implementation of the source of origin of Hong Kong goods, except for unreasonable Discriminant to Hong Kongs original product goods, also violated a number of World Trade Agreements, including the “Property Standard Rules Agreement◁•▼” and “Technical Trade Barriers Agreement” and “Tariff and Trade Tariff 1994△□▪”. Qiu Tenghua☆○•■, director of the Hong Kong SAR Government Business and Economic Development Bureau, said that Hong Kongs unique position has been widely recognized and respected by the international community, and the economic and trade status enjoyed is the same as other World Trade●●○. US implementation with discrimination and injusti•△.

Original title: Russian media: China and Russia may establish Joint Space Station According to Russian News Agency■△◆, the Russian Rocker and Aerospace Savings revealed that China ASAs delegation and Russian Space State Group Corporation will establish the possibility of establishing a joint space station. During negotiations. According to sources, the Chinese Aerospace Bureau will visit Moscow this weekend, and Russia will discuss cooperation in the field of manned projects with China▲▽=. The news said that China plans to establish a multi-module space station in the next few years, and is very interested in Russias experience in long-term space flight and construction of large space facilities●★. In addition, China lacks some key technologies, hoping to obtain these technologies by establishing partnerships with Russia. Prior to this, Russian Aerospace National Group Corporation and China National Aerospace Bure!

Original title▽■▷▲: Ministry of National Defense News: Disarmament 300,000 mission has basically completed the Beijing News News (Reporter Ni Wei) Ministry of Defense March 29th held a routine press, the Ministry of Defense spokesperson Ren Guoqiang confirmed★•▽■, my countrys cut army The postal 300,000 mission has been basically completed. On September 3◆-, 2015, at the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Peoples Resistance Against War and the World Anti-Fast War Victory, President Xi Jinping announced that China will cut the army of 300…▼,000. Ren Guoqiang announced at the press conference on the 29th that with the advancement of the military leadership system reform, scale structure and strength, our military structure and power system realizes the overall, revolutionary reshaping, and cut military posts 30 Military tasks have been basically completed. Ren Guoqiang said that the cut military post is 300,00●▼. transgenic plants a production system for industrial and pharmaceutical proteins bodybalance bovine collagen peptides Pectin manufacturer pharma grade peptides review peptone powder,