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[protein industry]For the flexible employment personnel▽•▪◆, the System Protection Umbrella Social Department is developing the Participate of the Endowment Insurance Take the core Readers Social Ministry is studying the development of flexible employees to participate in the basic pension insurance of urban and rural residents, and promote the release of flexible employees in employment Household registration restrictions◆●, cleaning and eliminating the premiere of the upper or unreasonable toll fines, create a good environment for flexible employment. □ Our reporter Zhang Weili is expected to usher in a great great policy□◆○-. The State Council of the State Council held on May 12 determines the further support of flexible employment, releasing a clear signal that supports flexible employment and encourages flexible use of work mechanisms. Human Resources and Social Securi▷….

Original title□◁: [Exclusive] British Auction Right responds to the China Cultural Relics Bureau condemnation▷□□•: 5 pm in the British law Source◆★▷: Chinas voice “News■-●” report: there is news in the last month, suspected Yuanmingyuan was robbed Western Zhou bronze “Tiger” will be auctioned in the UK on April 11☆◁☆□. According to the auction house, this collection is estimated to 120,000 to 200,000 pounds (about 1.1 million to 1★▲.8 million yuan). The news came out△■, causing widespread attention◆▲▼. It is indeed discussed whether “Tiger☆…” is indeed a discussion of “Tiger”○▪▽…, and there is a lawyer called for the Yuanmingyuan Site Park to be auctioned as a plaintiff. Yesterday, the State Cultural Relics Bureau officially declared that after learning the British Canterbury auction, it is more than auction▽□○▽, it is more than auctions in China Yuanmingyuan lost cultural relic•★★▷!

Original title: Many intelligence high officials: China is the strongest opponent I have seen in the United States◁□•! The danger of danger is reported on the 21st of the United States, the US CIA CIA CIA said: China is to replace the United States and become the strongest super big country in the world. The official also claims that China is achieving this goal through its own increasing global influence. The official is Michael Colin, deputy director of the East Asian Mission Center of the CIA CIA CIA. He said in the recent international security forum, when the ■○…”China Rise◇●▲◇” discussion activities said that China is conducting a “cold war” for the United States◁-! Collins claimed•▷: ■◇◆○”According to Chinas own words and deeds◆••■, I think they are in the definition of a cold war in the United States ngil company bovine collagen peptides headaches and nausea▼-□! This is not the cold we see in the Cold War during the Soviet Unio?bakers gelatin powder gelatin vs gelatine gelatin pigskin,