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[25kg food gelatin price]Original title: Japanese media said China-US trade friction affects international commodity pork☆▽△, soybean prices Decline reference news network March 27th report Japanese media said that the import restrictions in China and the United States have begun to have an impact on international commodities. As the steel-aluminum import restriction measures against the US Trump regime, the international prices that may have fallen by Chinas tax payable pork have fallen…●=. In addition, it is expected that the price of soybeans that will become Chinas import restriction objects is also downward. According to the “Japanese Economic News” website, the Pork futures price of the Chicago merchandise exchange as a pork price indicator (April 2018) March 23 is 58.4 cents / lbs (about 8◁☆◆.11 RMB / kg). It fell 2% compared to 1 month ago•★▪•. d◁•-•.

Original title: Sichuan Provincial Government Leadership Division•○▼☆: Yang Xingping is responsible for education•◇△…, culture, etc▲□. April 2, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Government Network△•●…, the Sichuan Provincial Peoples Government◇▼▼=, Vice Governors, and Secretary-General…★=★, the latest division of labor is released. □★■: Governor: Yin Li leads the provincial government to fully work●▪▼◇. Responsible for audit work. Personal Audit Office. Vice Governor-▪…: Wang Ning is responsible for the managing work of the provincial government. Assisting governors in charge of auditing. Responsible for development reform (including food, energy), fiscal, statistics, government affairs and information disclosure, letters and visits▼☆…□. In charge of the Provincial Government Office, Provincial Development and Reform Commission (including Provincial Grain Bureau, Provincial Energy Bureau)-◇, Finance Department, Provincial Office, Provincial State Taxation Bureau●○▽, Provincial Bureau of Statistics-□▽, Provincial Organization Administration, Provincial Information Office, Provincial Legal Office○●, Provincial Archives Bureau, Sichuan Administration College, Provincial Loc▼•▷.

Original title: China is not afraid of trade war “China is not willing to fight trade war,” China is not afraid of trade war. “On March 25th•☆○□, Minister of Commerce Minister Zhongshan will meet with Chairman of the American Bauers Fund, In front of the Finance Director, Balman said. On March 22nd, the US President Turkish signed a memorandum☆★●, based on the China 301 survey report announced by the US Trade Representative Office, the relevant departments have taken restrictions on China. The US unilateral action triggers extensive attention and discussion. “US-China relations is the most important bilateral relationship in this century, and the United States and China cooperation can promote global economic growth.” Bauers said that if both parties have problems in the trade field=△■, they will only be more troublesome in other areas. Many industry insiders agree that the economic and trade relations are compulsory stone and propellars of Sino-US relation◆•★.Contacts.