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Pectin manufacturer![edible gelatin]Chinas new network Changsha May 28 (Reporter Tang Xiaoxue) How to use Internet digital technology advantages to promote urban brands, especially quality cultures○▼○□, and become an important issue of local government concerns and local cultural industries□■. New growth. On the 28th, the “Yunju Millennium Card Resistance to Help Quality Culture□•”, the ▲◇▲”Yunju Millennium Card Resistance”■▲, which was hosted by the Communist Party of China, the propaganda department and Tencents digital publicity department. Experts in the field explore the production of new and new activities in Yongzhou Culture. Yongzhou★=▽◆, Yongzhou▪=, Yongzhou, is located in the junction of Xiang Yuegui, and is one of the worlds best in Xiangchu cultur▷•.

Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Reporter Cui Lin) as a typical city merchant bank in the western region●○, has been the ◆…●▲”main army” of places in the place of places◇○△, such as the construction of industry poverty alleviation platforms, take line Shangyun sales method, for Gansu, more than 200 farm special products. As of now, the lily of the Lily Life network is 2○-=,200, and the total transaction volume of platform products is 310 million yuan-★=. More than 70 million yuan. “Lanzhou Bank President Pu 5 pounds received the interview with the new network reporters on the 28th•▽. Since 2012•-, Lanzhou Bank has been being rated as ★○”Second Category Bank” by the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commissio industrial protein gelatin bovine!

Source…△•△: China Transportation News This Internet News April 15th, Searching is officially released in Beijing▷◁, this meeting aims to create a cold-chain zero-scale industry alliance through preaching search and cold network innovation model, and discuss national cold The development trend of chain flow mutual benefit and win-win. It is understood that the search-in refinement is based on “exchange” as the core, and the professional cold chain logistics Internet platform is built to create a single resource-shared Internet platform for the national medium and small cold chain enterprises to promote the standardization and systemization of the cold chain industry logistics. At the meeting, the founder of search and cold network Liu Yuze shared a cognition and idea for the cold chain logistics industry. “Compared with 99% of cold chain transportation in developed countries, there are only 15% of my country■▽. And there is no professional company specializing in cold chain bales in China.☆■□▲” Liu Yuze said that in the current new retail conce. where do bovine collagen peptides come from capital associated industries services corporation