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[fish derived collagen]Original title: Xian ▼○□◁”buy a house shake=▽•☆” 8 people were dismissed: Who created a list of relationships? Source■▼: Jin Yun News boiled “Xian Purchase Household Relationship Household” incident has the latest progress: On the evening of the 2nd▷=◇, the Changan District Government issued the processed results of this matter through official Weibo “@ Changan=•”•••, surveyed, there are 35 The public officials are requested by the purchaser■□•, giving the relevant personnel of the “South Changan Street No.” project department “say hello”, causing adverse effects. 8 people were dismissed▪★▽, 5 people were severely warned in the party□★, and 8 people were remembered, and 14 were remembered▼▷▪, and 6 were adjusted at the same time◇○. After the exposure of May 24, Jin Yun news launched a survey•◇□. After a few days of visiting, in addition, the “processing results◆◁” of this words,.

Original title: US military bomber avoids the Korean Peninsula Xinhua News Agency on May 19th, US media reported on the 18th, US military B-52 strategic bombers change the flight training program this week☆…, avoid the Korean peninsula◇-◆, to avoid the meeting of the leaders of the United States Damage atmosphere. “Wall Street Daily” reported a number of US officials as a message source, the United States, South Korea and Japan, the original code “blue lightning” joint flight drill, the US military B-52 bomber participation, the date and this month to the 25th US and South Korea ☆▷…”Super Thunder” annual combination of aerobic exercises almost coincided. The report said that due to the nervous relationship between Korean Japan, the plan is changed to the US and the Korean and the Japanese△◁. The Korean government tells the US later, hoping to cancel the B-52 to be derived, so as not to destroy the meeting of the leaders of the United States. Korea National Defen.

Original title: How does Sanya respond to •■◆”人”? Mayor Adong gives 3 drug method system, the newspaper, the news□▽○△, March 7th, on the afternoon of March 6○…▼▪, in the 13th National Peoples Congress, Hainan delegation held an open day event, Hainan Province Liu Bigui, the Secretary of the Party, Shen Xiaoming, and the Mayor of Sanya, received an interview with Chinese and foreign reporters. Adong said that the high quality development of Sanya, it turned out that it was not fast, it is not good●=-. For Sanya, it is to strengthen management in this regard. So how do you do it? The answer he gives is that tourism is focused on the core development, focusing on high-tech industries and tropical efficient agriculture▼•▲▼, focusing on other industries. “In general, it is based on internationalization▼▽, doing work……. ■△=”About Sanya” Zai people.

At 9:00 on the 13th National Peoples Congress on the 5th, I opened at the Great Hall of the Government on the 5th National Peoples Congress, listened to the report of the State Council of Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the governments work, and reviewed the State Councils 2017 National Economic and Social Development Plan and 2018 National Economic and Social Development Plan. The draft report examines the State Council on the 2017 Central and local budget implementations and reports on the 2018 Central and local budgets▷●▷◇, and listen to the description of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress on the draft constitutional amendment. The following is a live record▪■: Li Keqiang adjusts the financial expenditure structure, the discharge of the deposit of the funds◁★▼□, guarantee basic peoples livelihood and key projects▼▽•=. The fiscal deficit rate is always controlled within 3%☆■. The monetary policy maintains a steady neutrality=◇○, and the growth rate of generalized currency M2 is declining△△▲▷, and the size of credit and social financing is moderately increased. Pi! pure nature collagen ultra collagen beauty drinksPectin manufacturer.

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