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[edible beef gelatin powder]Original title: The overall epidemic in Weifang, Shandong Province●◆, has no key infectious diseases. On August 24=▼☆, volunteers were distributed free of charge for victims in Yingri Town, Weifang Shouguang City○▼. Liang Shouci Zhongxin Net Weifang August 25 (Saji Long Liang Ben) was influenced by “Wenbia”, -■”Capricorn” and No. 18 typhoon this year, Shandong Weifang has suffered from historical rare rainfall flood disasters. China News Agency reported in Weifang disaster area that the city launched the highest level response of “major natural disaster health emergency plans”. At present, the overall epidemic in the disaster area is stable◁▽, and there is no key infectious disease•■▲●. On August 24, volunteers were distributed to the victims in the second junior high school resettlement point in Weifang Shouguang City. Liang Benhot Weifang City Peoples Government held a press conference on the 24th to announce the work of disaster relief disease. Objecti●▲•.

Source: Beijing traffic broadcasts latest: According to Beijing fire, the current fire has been destroyed. At around 8 this morning, Wangjingqiao, Wangjing Bridge■-▼▽, North Fourth Ring Road, is rolling on the spot. Currently, the cause of casualties is unknown★△. Fire has entered on-site disposal. Widneuse vehicles Oral traffic police arrangements▲=○=, pay attention to driving safety. Beijing traffic radio reporters are rushing to the scene of the accident. (Picture of netizens) Editor◇●: Huo ==◁?

Original title◇•◆•: These countries include Chinese into the college entrance examination○▼: Dahuata News WeChat public account, on March 14th, Deputy Minister of the Russian Education Department…▽◁, Director of the Russian Education Supervision Bureau, said in the expansion meeting of the Russian Education Department◆◁-☆, Russia The Supervision Bureau has completed the technical development of the Chinese national unified examination□◇, ready to include Chinese into the Russian unified examination (equivalent to China college entrance examination)◆◁-▪. With the prevalence of Chinese Chinese, some countries have included Chinese into their college entrance examination▲▽: Ireland announced that in 2020, Chinese admission examinations will be officially opened for Chinese subjects in 2022◆▽; in recent years, Chinese More and more German schools in the foreign language subjects of the diploma□•▷, the number of students who choose Chinese subjects is also increasing-◁□◇. Russ.Pure collagen uses of whey protein in industry 240 bloom gelatin,