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[capsule size capacity]China News Agena May 28th, the Macao SAR Government Statistics and the Census Bureau announced on the 28th●=, the latest issue (February to April) Macaus overall unemployment rate is 3%, local residents unemployment rate is 4▪▼△.1%, next phase (January to March) rose 0.1 percentage points◆■•. The results of the employment survey of the Census Bureau show that the labor population is 394,500, and the labor participation rate is 69●▷●.6%. The number of employed people is 382,500, a reduction of 2▲…•,400 in the previous period; local employment residents are 2.816 million, an increase of 200 people. The number of unemployed people in the same period is 12,000, and more than 400 people are added to the previous period. Find the unemployed population of new work□◆, befo.

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai May 27 (Reporter Hu Jiefei) Precision Identification Demand, Intelligent Recommended Optimal Path; Different Sitting Houses Extracts Provident Fund Zero Materials, Online Office; Direct Settlement of Medical Tickets in the Direct Medical Tickets … 27th Integrated development high-level forum, the Yangtze River Triangle ○▷▽◇”One Netcom” government service map officially launched, and in-regional residents ushered in more ★■◇○”same city service”. According to reports-◇△, the Changda Triangle -▪”One Netcom…=” government service map gathers all kinds of government service places★◇★, service matters, data resources, and coverage of more than 69,000 lines in Shanghai, Su Zhe, Zhejiang Province. Four parts users pass their own government service APP (with the bid△◇▪●, Jiangsu government service, Zhejia.

Original title: The short board of the administrative supervision has been narrowed in the long-term ruling conditions, enhancing the partys self-purification ability, ensuring the cleaning…○, the government is clean▽•…●, and the political clearing, the party has determined that our party must improve self-supervision and strengthen Supervision of national organs. In the past, due to the narrow range of supervisory objects required by the administrative supervisory law•□▲, there was a considerable branch of public officials who were disciplined to supervise the discipline inspection and supervision. According to Article 2 provisions of the Administrative Operations Law of the Peoples Republic of China It means that monitoring objects are mainly administrative and their staff. Improve party and national supervision syste.

Source△▷▪: WeChat public account ◆◁▪”Wishwind” Wen Zhou Nan Zhang Yujie This article is reproduced from WeChat public account “Half Month” (ID: Banyuetan-weixin), the original publication in ▷▷▽”Half Month•▷” 2018 No.7, original title is “decision-making Push to the superior, the responsibility is pushed to the lower level★■! “Two Leaders” Cadres and Cadres Grassroots Political Ecology “. 1○-=, four tricks: arrange it…••, convey it, report, and take rid of a province of the central part of a province, a town party committee, recently encountered an annoyance of ○△△”landing tooth and blood•□▲”. The city demands to check overweight vehicles, and a leader of the county road bureau called to call the township set○▼☆▽. The party secretary of the town was asked: “The township cadres did not go to the law enforcement power. Can the Highway Bureau can send people?. protein skimmer industrial collagen peptide from fishAbout Us 25 kg edible gelatin porcine gelatin factory,