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[pectin for jams]Original title: Shandong Hengli Tianneng graphene solar photovoltaic power generation film project putative ceremonial site Xinhuanet Jinan March 31st (Zhang Jianbo) March 31st=◁, in the high-tech industrial park, high-tech industrial park, High-tech Zone•□, Heze, Shandong Province, Shandong Hengli Tianneng New Technology Technology Co., Ltd. held a graphene organic solar photovoltaic power film (OPV) project completion and commissioning ceremony and strategic partner signing ceremony. Hou Hao, deputy mayor of Heze, Yang Dongbo=▪, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of Heze City High-tech Zone, and Qian Dongwei, the executive president of Hengli International Holdings Group◁▪△, China Executive. Hou Hao, deputy mayor of Heze, delivered a speech□★▼◆, Yang Dongbo, deputy director of Heze City High-tech Zone, delivered a speech, said in a speech that Shandong Hengli Tianneng OPV project completed production is the implementation of new and old kinetic energy conversion in Heze. .

Xinhua News Agency•★, Beijing○▪, May 27th, Sub-title: Anti-penalty, suspension of rectification – Community group purchase “10th issue▷◆◁” is a heavy penalty release? Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Wenjun Market Supervision Administration on the 27th, according to law▪•▲, according to law▷☆, the •★▷”Operational Main Body of the Recruitment” is fined 1.5 million yuan, and ordered the “Requisium” platform for the Jiangsu region to rectify the 3rd. The top fines, suspend business, after this heavy ticket□◁△, what signal is released☆-▼▲? It constitutes low-cost dumping, the price fraud is seen from the market supervision department★◇•. The illegal facts of the “Requisit□◆△■” are very clear: First□▪▽▷, through huge subsidies, “low-cost dumping” selling goods below the purchase cost pri.

Original title: “Key minority” must be a key (people forum) ▲…”era is a venison, we are answers, the people are the wonderful.” How to make a satisfactory answer to the people☆▪★•? Leading cadres as -□-●”key few”, need to have a key. There is △…•”two brushes”, do not “two sides▲☆▽”. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that “the leadership of more than 1○▼◆.3 billion socialist countries, our party must be politically hard, but also to be high.” Politics is too hard, the skills are high, the ▷•=”two brushes” must be available in the new era. For leading cadres, political construction is the first construction, political standards are the first standard, political ability is the first ability■=. There is a problem with politics☆■, and one vote is veto. Loyalty is reliable and reliable is available. Absolutely loyalty to the party is the most fundamental party. Political consciousness must be enhance□•▼☆!

Original title: Headline China 6 times warnings are good in the South Island Reef US military US media: China has firmly established the US media, a US Navy P-8a ■…”Sea” patrol machine 10 days fly over China Nansha Islands, in the flight process In the middle, the crew received 6 warnings from the Chinese military, telling them that the aircraft entered Chinas airspace and urged them to leave. •○●”Leave it immediately, dont enter, so as not to misunderstand•■□.” A voice said▼▲…★. According to the American Cable News Network website, the US military flew over the four China important people in the Nansha Islands: 碧◇★,, Yongshu Reef, Chitewagle Reef and Meiji Reef…◇. ▲ The US Navy P-8A “Sea” patrol machine (US Cable TV News Network) reported that China has been reinforcing this in most of the past two yea pork gelatine supplier collagen powder for cosmetic▽▽ About Us, gelatin made of bones gel caps definition!