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[china gelatin collagen]China Xinwang Xian May 27 (Reporter Alena) reporter learned from the Giant Panda National Park Shaanxi Provincial Administration, recently◁●-, recently, the giant panda national park Week to manage branch staff in the collection of wildlife to monitor infrared When the camera is taken, the accidental discovery of the image information of the wild brown giant panda, which is the first shooting of the wild brown giant panda for the first time, so far, the 10th time of Qinling found wild brown giant panda traces. Shaanxi reproduces wild brown giant panda. The Giant Panda National Park Shaanxi Provincial Administration is desirable○□. On April 16 this year, Zhou Zhi Management Branch layered near the mouth of the old town Tar River, altitude 2088 mete□▷△•?

Original title: Guangdong delegation held a plenary meeting to consider the ◆☆”two high” reports to make every black and evil force case yesterday■▼◁, Guangdong delegation held a plenary meeting to consider the “two high” reports. The representatives said that “two highs■▽” reported the time of reform and innovation, reflecting the awareness of the principle of judicial as the people, and agreed with the “two high=▪” reports. The delegates revolve around the top floor design, the selection and appointment of judicial assistants■…•, strengthen the “two-school” base infrastructure and other aspects◁•○. Gong Jiandi•◁, the Dean of Guangdong Senior Peoples Court, Gong Jiayi, Guangdong Senior Peoples Court: Increased property sentence applicable, destroying the evil forces and economic foundation yesterday, Guangdong Senior Peoples Court△□•=, Gong Jiandi said in an interview, Guangdong Court will Keep General Secretary Xi Jinpi.

Original title–◁•: Taiwan fishermen suspected that the Diaoyu Islands is suspected to drive to the mainland to request support video screenshot Overseas network on March 16th, a Taiwan fishing boat to save the mainland, the video is exposed to the mainland, the Taiwan fishing boat seems to be Japan in the Diaoyu Islands Drive▷◇, so far to Guangzhou. According to Taiwans “Apple Daily”, the video shows that the Taiwan fishing boat calls Guangzhou Taiwan, asking for whether the Diaoyu Islands is the jurisdiction of China, the other party answered★★, “Yes▼▽■, yes◆-▪●”. Taiwan fishing boats also asked, “Can I ask for mainland assistance in the Diaoyu Islands?” Said that “said” Taiwan fishing boat, no matter what happens in any waters, you can call Guangzhou Taiwan△=◇★. ” After the Taiwan fishermen, he also said in the video•●■. □○◆”The mainland fishermen are also here▪△▼•, the Japanese people dont dare to come to catch up.” Taiwan media sai.

Building a beautiful and livable modern countryside (special thinking) nation is going to revive, the country must revitalize. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Comprehensive construction of socialist modernization countries■◁, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation-•◇, the most difficult and heavy tasks are still in rural, the most wide and deeper foundation is still in rural areas.” After the poverty, it has to be fully promoted. Rural revitalization, this is historical transfer of the focus of ★▪○”three rural”=▲■☆. We must fully dialect the basic and advantages of rural development, implement the principles of agricultural rural priority development, and achieve consolidation expansion to the poverty achievements and rural revitalization, so that the countryside has become home. Fully explore the advantages of rural development. General Secretary Xi Jinpi◆◆!

Original title◁□: (two sessions were released) The 16th National Peoples Congress, the Bureau held the sixth meeting Xinhua News Agency, Beijing▪▲△, China, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Bureau held the sixth meeting in the afternoon of the Peoples Games. The Bureau is executive, the chairman is presiding over the meeting. The meeting should go to 190☆=, attending 190, and attending the number of statutory. The Bureaus meeting has decided to disclose the draft decision of the 13th National Peoples Congress on the Decision of the State Councils Institutional Reform Plan to the General Assembly■▪●. On the morning of March 16, the delegations earnestly considered the draft solution for the 13th National Peoples Congress and the appointment of the appointment and decided to agree to the plenary meeting of the General Assembly. The meeting has voted to decide to draft the draft inventory to all meetings of the General Assembl. are gelatin capsules halal does gelatin contain collagenGelatin wholesale.

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