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[edible gelatin china]Original title: Tighten the risks of the risks of this String King▷◇●: Strengthen the legal management of local government debt□★☆, promote the dynamic supervision of debt information disclosure and debt risks. Member of Hu Xiao: Put the supervision of the focus of strengthening financial institutions, while strengthening supervision coordination and avoiding regulatory arbitrage•●▼-. Guo Xinming representatives: establish and improve the full-scale financial risk emergency treatment mechanism, steadily and part of individual, local risk. Hu Hebo representative□△◁○: Let more funds into the manufacturing enterprises●▪, small micro enterprises and emerging industries▽…▪●, support the cultivation of new kinetic energy, and reduce physical economic financing costs. This year, we must resolutely lay three major attacks, one of which is to promote significant progress in promoting major risk prevention◇□★. The governments work report is proposed, and my countrys economic financial risk is generally controlled•●…, and it should be symmetri◇▲.

Original title▲☆: In the first quarter◆△△•, Beijing GDP increased year-on-year growth of 6.7%. Emerging economy rapidly developed the total growth rate of GDP since 2016 (%). Du Yans preliminary accounting▼◆, in the first quarter, Beijing realizes the total value of the area of ​​production of 680-▷.5 billion yuan (RMB, the same)◆◁◁•, according to the comparable price calculation, a year-on-year increase of 6.7%•▷▽▼, and the growth rate and the previous year are all over the year. The data released by the Beijing Statistics Bureau and the National Bureau of Statistics, the data released on the 19th, in the first quarter, the first industry in Beijing achieved an added value of 1●▪▼.1 billion yuan●▷▼, a year-on-year decreased by 12••■=.952 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.5 %□▼◇▼; The tertiary industry achieved an added value of 559.1 billion yuan, an increase of 7.4% year-on-year. Talking about 6.7% of growth, deputy director of the Beijing Statistics Bure.

Original title★-…: Minister of the Decisive Biography of the Central Committee, Zhou Xiaoying, Sub-discipline Committee, Subo Zhou Xiaoying information map, the Director of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the Nineth Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhou Xiaoying, the latest job confirmed■★▽=. According to the website of the Central Committee, July 31○…, 2018…▪◆, Comrade Zhou Xiaoying☆□■, a group of discipline inspection and supervision team in the Central Committee, presided over the head of the office meeting★-, all cadres meetings-…▲, and conveyed the study of Comrade Yang Xiaotian in the discipline inspection and supervision agency cadres supervision work symposium▽■•○. Comrade Yang Xiaochao conducted a special training course on the safety supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision cadres and the national discipline inspection and supervision system★◆. Comrade Chen Xiaoyu took the spirit of the Speech at the Director of Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Group in the Central Commission. Research and implementation of measures and carry out the whole group of cadr.

Original title: Three vessels carry more than 100 vessels in Phuket in Phuket, Thailand■○◁•, have Chinese tourists on July 5, Thailand, at 17=▽-:45=▷, in Phuket◆◁★△, due to storms=●•■, there is a turning accident. There are three ships that have three ships, a passenger (including practicing diving), a passenger 30 people, a Russian husband and wife-■▷◆. The first 48 people saved▽■, 42 people saved the second batch◁=◇. The reporter also learned from the Consulate General in Songka that, on the afternoon of July 5, I got through the Thai police, and the two ships carrying Chinese tourists have turned their ships in Phuket Coral Island and Meitong Island. There are two ships. 133 tourists=•■, Titai is fully searching for. After receiving the news○▼, I immediately launched the emergency mechanism••△, mobilize the whole hall, emergency contact Thai local government, the alarm and the nav.Gelatin wholesale hydrolyzed gelatin protein supplement industry in india,