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[beauty collagen peptide]Original title: Multiple departments have attracted nights in night, these black-hearted companies “blacklist●■”☆◆! This is 3.15 speed About Us. gelatin 180 bloom! Yesterday, CCTV ◆●□▽”3 · 15″ party was hit★…, exposed the five major industries fish bovine marine collagen powder…□▷▪! Once the program was broadcast□•▲, the law enforcement department of the local law enforcement was hit◆◆, and the company was tracked in the night△◇•▼. Up to now•◁▷●, a number of companies have been discontinued, once verified, will be included in the industry “blacklist△◁■-” set by the National Ministerial Committee vegetarian gelatin powder! The Ministry of Transport responds to road marking wire cut: Problem Enterprises will enter the blacklist yesterday▽◆▷□, the “3 · 15” party reported that there were quality problems in the road reflective lines in some areas▼◇▽. In this regard, the Ministry of Transport shall, the Ministry of Transport, the first time to supervise the group, go straight to Wuhan, conduct a field investigation on the local anti-light road marking, and it will actively take measures for related issues, and urge rectificatio.

Original title●☆□: Headline Not tariff! The real threat to China is actually it – the US “Washington Post” website recently issued the University of Petronia San Diego, Dai Wei□●, David A▷○▲●. Lake, is •□△”worried about tariffs? The Trade Group is the truly threat of the United States and China, “said that the United States and China are on a fragile platform – consequences are more than just higher tariffs on each other. History is strongly shown that economic hostility, especially the concerns of market closure▲–•, will lead to the formation of economic groups•☆, leading to further shrinkage of trade-●★. Any party may trigger downlink spiral▲□◆. Article said that from the beginning of tariff and trade agreement, the trade order has greatly reduced tariffs and adopted the principle of unconditional and most favored countries. “This means giving a countr□• high gelatin foods!

Original title▲=…: (Times) The Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the General Office of the State Council issued the national anti-evil special struggle Supervision work program Xinhua News Agency Beijing▲☆, July 5th, the power of the Trinity General Secretary of Top Secretary and the 19th National Spirit In accordance with the “Notice of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Councils Notice on the Special Struggle of Sweeping and Devo●☆○=”, the Office of the CPC Central Committee★▪☆, the General Office of the State Council recently issued the “National Sweeping Deviation Special Struggles”▲•▷. “Program” is clear, mainly conduct supervision of party committees and governments and their government and their relevant departments in various provinces (autonomous regions◇○■▽, municipalities)◇☆▷, and sinking to some of the prefecture-level party committees and their governments and their relevant departments. For key cases involved, direct to county rural villages, and focus on the presence of outstanding problems•◆=. ▽☆★”Program” emphasizes that the national swee◇-.

Xinhua News Agency, May 27th (Reporter Zhang Yizhan) reporter learned from the Xinan County Emergency Administration of Jining City★☆▼○, and one of the new and miners of Xinan Coal Mine in Shandong Province have been rescued. The miner has been Take it to the hospital for treatment. Currently▼▼, rescue work is still in progress. At 23=▷:6 on May 26☆•, the Jujube Group Xinan Coal Mine Digging into the face suddenly colored accidents, resulting in six miners trapped. Jining City and Shandong Provincial Department of Shandong Province quickly launched emergency plans, the first time to promote professional rescue power★☆○▼, and fully organize the rescue rescue on site. After the accident, the Provincial Government of Shandong Province requested the rescue work and identify the cause and prevent secondary disasters. According to industry and commer…-▪.