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Pure collagen![protein powder industry analysis]Original title: Sun Zhengcai Since the ▽•”Chinas youngest political figure”, Bo Xilai is drunk in sports “singing red” recently, “Chongqing Daily” continuously issued “This newspaper commentator” article, theory “completely clearing Sun Zhengcai bad impact And Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun There is also a relevant article of the ▪△○”This Report Commentator…★=” article also has the relevant articles of the various units of Chongqing. The 29th “This newspaper commentator▪◁▪” article entitled △○◇▲”Improvity Enhanced Treativity”▽●. The article pointed out that history and practical experience tell us that the targetedness is not strong, the responsibility is easy to do; the effectiveness is not enough▽◆, the work effect will be discounted. Therefore, completely clearing Sun Zhengcais bad influence and Bo Xilai◆▲-, Wang Lijun is to persist▼☆▲◆, but must insist on problem-oriented and insist on the results orientation○▲▽. It is necessary to put the evolve of the Sun Zhengc.

Original title: [Solution] This Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is not a recent tiger. A circulation committee is not accidentally spread on the network★◁☆◆. However, this time is not a tiger, but a group of grassroots officials on the ecological environment. This circulation of the central discipline committee, exposed 6 ecological environmental damage accountability typical issues, involving Tianjin●◁★, Hebei, Jiangsu◁☆▽▪, Anhui●■△▼, Chongqing and Six provinces and cities in Gansu, have been notified of more than 40 people▷◁◆●, all of the county township level Leading cadres▽○▪. It is worth noting that this is the first time the Central Commission for the first time=-, the investigation of the responsibility in this field is notified. As the disciplinary inspection authority of the Party Central Committee●△, use the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to deal with the loss of murder of these grassroots, is it a cow knife? The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection not only controls the party discipline, but what is the section?

Original title: Hebei Xiongan New District found 263 cultural relics relics Xinhua News Agency Shijiazhuang March 6th (Reporter Bai Lin) reporter learned from Hebei Provincial Cultural Relics Research Institute During the new stone-•, the remains of the past are discovered during the late until tomorrow. Hebei Provincial Cultural Relics Research Institute jointly established an archaeological team of the Archaeological, the National Museum of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences□○=○, the National Museum and other units, and the 640 administrative villages of 33 townships in Xiongan New District from June to December 2017 An archaeological survey of the system in the 2000 square kilometer area. According to reports◇▼•, 263 cultural relics include 189 sites, 43 tombs◁▼, 15 ancient buildings, and 16 modern cultural relics▽▲■▲. Underground buried cultural reli•□▼?

Original title: Xia Baolong was elected for the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the 13th National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, held the fourth plenary meeting in the Peoples Game Hall on the 14th■□◁•, and Elect the Chairman of the 13th National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference●□. =◇★-, Vice-Chair, Secretary-General and Standing Committee. Zhang Qingli, an Executive President of the General Assembly, announced that Comrade Xia Baolong was elected the Secretary-General of the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference▷☆●◁. Editor in charge=…●: Liu Guang.

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