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[industrial protein engineering costs]Zhongxin Net Shenyang May 27 (Li Wei) Deputy President, Shenyang City Trade Association, Fu Qinsheng held in the press conference held in Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office on the 27th, the 6th Shenyang International Robot Conference will focus on breakthrough new products ▪□, Industrial chain associations▲◁•, innovation and key R & D planning results, exhibition will provide international display platforms, link production, learning, research, use, and promote the benign development of robotic industries for the global robot industry. According to Fu Qinsheng, the 6th China Shenyang International Robot Conference and 2021 Sino-Japan-Korea Robot Industry Cooperative Round Table will be on the Shenyang New World Expo and live broadcast platform from June 6th to 8th, 2021▲▽●○. In combination●▪◁, it is designed to promo.

Original title: All of the new State Council issued a seventh conference at the 13th National Peoples Congress in the 13th National Peoples Congress■★. Xinhua News Agency, Liu Wei Bing, Xinhua News Agency=◆▲▷, the 13th National Peoples Congress, held the seventh plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People on the morning of the 19th, and determined the other components of the State Council. President Xi Jinping signed the second chairmanship=◇▷◁, according to the decision of the General Assembly, other forms of other components passed by this conference vote. According to the nomination of Prime Minister Li Keqiang of the State Council, the voting voting decision▽◁•, Han Zheng=●★○, Sun Chunlan, Hu Chunhua, Liu He is the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, Wei Fenghe, Wang Yong☆▼•□, Wang Yi, Xiao Jie•▷△, and Zhao Kezhi as a State Council. The meeting reads Li Keqiang to attend the representative for the nomination meeting of other staff members of the State Counci.

Zhongxin◁△▼▷.com, on August 25th▷◇●◆, according to Harbin Municipal Government Information Office, in the early morning of August 25, there was a fire in the North Dragon Hot Springs in Songbei District, Harbin. After 4★△●:36, the fire department received alarm to the scene after receiving the alarm●△, and 7:50 was opened at 11:30, it has been cleaned up from the fire=●. At present, there are 18 deaths in the scene, 19 people injured, and the injured people were sent to the hospital for treatment. The cause of fire is under investigation. Click to enter the topic○■•: Harbin 1 hotel has a fire caused multiple death responsibility Editor: Huo ▪◆◆.

China New Network May 27th, the market supervision◆▷○, the website news△■, on May 27…•, the market supervision of the Market Supervision, according to law◇-, according to law, the unfair price behavior of the community group purchase platform, and ordered to suspend business. The General Administration of Market Supervision pointed out that the Internet platform uses funds, traffic advantages into the community group purchase▪□▲◇, to compete for low-cost market, damage the legitimate rights and interests of SMEs and individual industrial and commercial households-=•△. On March 3, the Market Supervision State Administration has made administrative penalties for the preferred price behavior of the orange heart according to law△●, more buying vegetables, preferential groups■▪★◇, etc. Recently▷…○○, according to price monitoring and reporting clues, it is found that “Report” is fou?

Original title: Ministry of Land Ministry, Ministry of Finance◁•, issued: Land remediation of major projects implement award combination, first-built awards Land and Resources Department, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice, decided to adjust the main project support policy for land remediation from 2018, promote major Engineering construction is better able to play a demonstration leading role. The notice is clear, focusing on major engineering construction key areas★•, in the poor area, revolutionary old district, food row of food•★, frontier★▪, ethnic and cultivated land reserve resources, continue to support local in-depth promotion of major project construction. In the depletion of the regeneration, it mainly supports the implementation of major projects in the poor area★▷△, the revolutionary old district and the frontier area. According to the notice, implement the reform of land and resources ▼▪▷”put in service△■▷◁” reform and land remediation fund management reform requirements, and adjust the major engineering support from ▼-▲”first supplementation, and then built side to make up” adjustme…■○! industrial gelatin 180 bloom gelatin. Pectin manufacturer whey protein in food industry empty gelatin capsules for sale,