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[size 00 capsule volume]Original title: Guangzhou Wanli Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee Secretary, Chairman Fu Shoujie received discipline review and monitoring, according to the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission: Guangzhou Wanli Group Co○=○., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Fu Shoujie is suspected of serious violation of law, At present◁▪, the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is under discipline review and supervision survey□•. Fu Shoujies resume and defending, male◆••▷, July 4, 1963, Han nationality☆○, Heilongjiang Penbin County, graduate degree, in September 1982, join the Chinese Communist Party in November 1986. From September 1982 to October 1983, I was working at the Shenyang Taxation Bureau; October 1983 to July 1994, she was a member of the Finance Department of the Shenyang Taxation Bureau, deputy director; 1994 7 Month to 1☆●▪.

Original title: No longer any helves and slack (peoples point of view) “Peoples Daily” (April 24▲★□, 2018) A new all-round comprehensive national strength is being launched globally□○•. “Informatization has brought thousands of people in the Chinese nation”◁=☆=, at the National Network Security and Information Technology Work Conference held on April 20, the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping caused enthusiastic response in the whole society. ▷▷◁”Never I cant make a history of such a historical opportunity▷△▽▽” ▷…”This is the historical responsibility of our generation. It is our responsibility for the Chinese nation. It is the responsibility of the former people▼▷=▪. It is also the responsibility of future generations, will adapt and lead the Internet development☆◇. It is a key to deciding to determine the rise and fall of the big country. The Chinese people pay attention to the Internet and informationization, and they will be compared with the whole power of ★=”two bomb one stars.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary, Qi Qin: Jiangsus industry is still in the low-end low-end in the global industrial chain, on the afternoon of March 6, Jiangsu Open Day◇=•. Beijing News (Reporter Chen Peng) On March 6th-☆, at the opening day of the Jiangsu delegation, he talked about how to conduct high-quality development topics, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary said Jiangsu. The current short board includes the industry is still in the middle and low-end■☆◇, regional development imbalances, urban and rural development imbalances▼•☆…. “How to make high quality development, you must see which short boards in Jiangsu▷■.” Completely said that the industry of Jiangsu is still in the middle and low-ends of the global industry chain☆◆, and it is strong in China, but from the global industry chain☆=••. From the perspective of the layout, there is no comprehensive high-end level◇•. High spe.

China New Network Beijing May 27th (Liu Liang) How to develop green financial services from China in China? The 272th banks insurance industry routine press conference was held in Beijing on the 27th. The relevant representatives from Fujian△▽, Tibet and Shenzhen introduced the relevant situation. Fujian: “High-quality▼◆△■” plus ●☆-•”high quality••▲” Fujian is the first national pilot province◇★▽, the national ecological civilization test area of ​​the country. Jungle, Director of the Fujian Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, said that Fujian will straighten the national ecological civilization test area to reform the first advantage, with green financial ink Fujian landscape, help the “high quality…•●▷” and economic development of Fujian ecological environment•=. Recentl.Gelatin capsule!

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