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[proteins in nuts that are used in other industries]Original title★•▽: Hainan notified •▪”Zhu Changzhi 7 deaths and 4 injuries traffic accidents◇☆”: 27 responsible people and 2 responsible units were dealt with New Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) September 24▽-☆, 2017, Hainan National Road 224 line 110 km There is a medium-sized self-transfer truck collision with large passengers▽▲☆▽, causing 7 people to die▲■=☆. Today (March 9), the accident investigation group informed the cause of the accident and the results of the treatment of 27 related responsible persons and 2 accident responsible units▲□☆△, including 6 judicial organs of the crime of major responsibility accidents, 13 party disciplines, 13 people, Qiongzhong County■★■, Tunhang County is responsible for the treatment of super, and 5 counties leaders who are charged with transportation are accountable. Today=◁▽▷, the official website of Hainan Province Traffic Police Team was reported that September 24, 2017, Wang Xingjin driving Jiangxi Provincial Yuchen Steam Co., Lt▲••.

Source: Changan Street Gummy Original Title: 6 Provincial Party Secretary attacked, this is powerful! The capital during the two sessions is the focus of the national and even worldwide. At the age of 2,980 representatives, 2158 members of the CPPCC conference are excellent talents in all walks of life▽▪△. However◁=, outside the representative member, the capital during the two sessions also gathered another industry elite, and their quantity exceeded the representative▼▲△•, more than the member gelatin powder food grade kosher fish based collagen peptides! Changan Street, Id: CapitalNews, found that more than 3,000 Chinese and foreign reporters have signed up for two sessions of the country this year■▪▪•, and their figure frequently appear in various corners of the venue□▲◁=, and use the “flooding” to fight news reports. For this important group, there are Li Xi, Jiang Chaoyiang…△▼, Hu Heping○…-=, Bar gelatin capsules sizes chart!

Original title: The central sixth patrol group gave the second patrol of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee to the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee feedback on the inspection of the Central Inspection Work Leading Group▷■□, recently, the central sixth patrol group gave feedback to the Liaoning Provincial Committee Yang Xiaochao, member of the Central Inspection Work Leading Group, presided over the feedback conference to Chen Xiang, Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee○☆▲, attended the inspection of Liaoning Province, and made a request for patrol rectification work. The meeting conveyed the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the patrol work=▷▲, and Wang Rongjun, director of the Sixth Tourist Group, fed back to the inspection situation on behalf of the Central Inspection Team. Chen Qifa hosted the feedback conference and his guidance and rectification work made a statement. In addition, the inspector group also went to the Deputy Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, and the Secretary of the Shenyang Municipal Party Committee was easy to refine the Red, the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee☆▼▽, Dalian Ci collagen peptides powder hydrolysed!