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Contacts![plant protein industry continue]Original title: Chinese pathology Thai died▽△, she all lives with death for patients with death=▷…, famous medical scientists★▽, pathologists, medical educationists☆●, Beijing Union Hospital Pathology, Comrade Liu Yuhua, invalid, At 11:11, on July 8, 2018, he died in Beijing Union Hospital and enjoys 89 years old▲●•. Image Source: Beijing Association Hospital said “pathology”□▷○=, many ordinary netizens may be slightly strange◁•. But some people in the family have cancer, they will know the components of these two words. Simply put, where did the disease come, what extent, what is the extent, what should be cured, many of the important decisions of clinical medicine▼▲•■, have to seek answers from pathological analysis. In the Department of Pathology, Beijing Association, patients can often see a white-haired eight-year-old man sitti▲▽?

China New Network May 28 (Reporter Xu Wei) In the eve of the 40th anniversary of the death of Song Qingling▲☆, the Song Qingling Documentation Data Center officially launched a trial operation. The data center is jointly created by the three units of the Shanghai Song Qingling Research Association★▼•, Shanghai Library, Shanghai Sun Yat-sen Song Qingling Cultural Relics Management Committee■▽. The current Song Qingling Document Data Center has completed top-level design such as online service platform★-◆▲, background support and offline organizations, and the first goal of public basic data construction, established basic positioning, construction direction, main functions and long-term goals of Song Qingling literature data centers▪▼▽•. For future continued•□▽■, large-scale Song Qingling literature data construction and service wor.

Original title●□△: The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction is announced that the penalty decision of Fengcheng Power Plant Accident Project: Closing Industry March 20 The punishment decision of the Engineering Consultant Group Zhongnan Electric Design Institute Co., Ltd▷△., because the unit did not request a hearing or proposing a written statement on the punishment of the Ministry of Housing Construction within the specified time, the arbitrarily presented administrative penalties were suspended. On November 24, 2016•△□, Jiangxi Fengcheng Power Plant collapsed at construction sites. Data Figure 7▪=▪★:33 on November 24, 2016, the three-phase expansion project of Fengcheng Power Plant, Jiangxi Province, a cooling tower construction platform collapsed■••, causing 73 deaths-◇★, 2 people injured, direct economic losses ?

Source: China News Weekly title••: After the establishment of the National Supervision Committee, “Shou Tiger” Wang Xiaoguang: “Late Night” is behind the mystery / city South Jun, although it is still familiar, the familiar rhythm◇•○▪, but Wang Xiaoguangs play is different. Late late at night, the provincial level is nothing more than a happiness=○, sudden, sudden☆•☆, but the land of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, Vice Governor Wang Xiaoguangs landing horses do not meet this premise. From time to time, he has already been “cage in tiger”. According to the local media news of Guizhou, January 22nd, the thirty-third meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National Peoples Congress of Guizhou Province…▲, decided to accept Qin Rupei, Wang Xiaoguang, and Zhongli went to Guizhou Provincial Vice Governors. Wang Xiaoguang. Put the news of the three vice governments to see the news▪★, Wang Xiaoguo is not eye. No more comparis.

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