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[is gelatin made from horse hooves]Original title: (Economy) National Highway Network will adjust the name. Xinhua News Agency▷▷-▲, Beijing, April 16 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) The Ministry of Transport held a national road network naming number adjustment work mobilization deployment video conference. Dai Dongchang, deputy director of the Ministry of Transport, said that we must conscientiously do a good job in the adjustment of national road network naming numbers, enhance the level of road traffic logo in my country○=, and improve the overall operation function of the road network. Dai Dongchang introduced that the national road network named number adjustment work involved in the broad, social attention, the time, the task is heavy▽△. All local transport authorities must strictly implement standards in the implementation process▽=, and may not decrease, discard, change●▪==, or freely selected for mandatory requirements. Strict planning and design, classify, coordinate planning, and unified design according to the actual situation. Strict time requirements to ensure in■•!

Original title: China Construction Bank Shandong Branch Forwarded Party Secretary, President Xue Feng was expelled from party activities and administration to discipline according to China Construction Bank Commission for Discipline Inspection: Recently, the China Construction Bank Commission for Discipline Inspection is the original Branch of China Construction Bank Shandong Branch The party committee secretary, and the leader Xue Feng seriously violated the issue•▽▪△. After investigation, Xue Feng seriously violated political discipline◆■☆▪, fighting against organizational review, participating in superstition; violation of the central provisions of the central provisions, violating organizational banquet; violation of organizational discipline, not as good as a personal entity-▼, not as good as organized□◁…-, illegal intervention cadres selection Appointment work•◁▷▲; violation of integrity discipline, use of power and job impact as relatives and other specific relations, accept gifts, gift gifts▪■•▲; violation of work discipline, do not report to the matters report to the superior report△■▽△, resulti.

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Reporter Pan Xun) 2021 Cool 100 · Winper Chinese City Classic Tour on the 26th in Beijing Cool Town officially launched◁-☆□. Judging from Beijing Douguard Sports Co▪★□., Ltd., Beijing Cool Small Town Commercial Management Co•◆▷-., Ltd. Sports event=●. Beijing Winner Sports Culture Co., Ltd. CEO Huojun said in the launching ceremony that each game of this elite competition will be a wonderful question. The players will continue to break through the limit in the game◇-, such as the endurance championship in the car, need to experience long enduranc gelatin sheet factory grass-fed bovine collagen peptides!

Original title: Let private enterprises have enhanced in policies to get the first ○▽▼”foreign” talent introduction documents in Guiyang City recently☆▲▪=, Guiyang City has introduced ◇•△”Ten measures on innovative industrial talents to promote large data large-scale investment”, This is the first document of the first focus on industrial enterprises outside the organ unit in Guiyang★◆=□. This document revolves around the key industries★□△, major projects and entity economic development●•◆, with technology☆…▽★, with projects, with team-established national expert talents△■☆, provincial and ministerial expert talents and high-level talents◇□, and give 5 million yuan, 3 million yuan respectively●=◁■. Funded funds with 1 million yuan projects. According to the person in charge of the Organization Department of Guiyang Municipal Committee◆□□▪, Guiyang Citys previous talent policy documents include talents who introduce cultivated organs, more measures for organs, and priva□☆.

Formulate the State Market Supervision Administration■◆=○. No longer retaining the State Administration for Industry and Commerce▲◁…, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Surveylation, State Food and Drug Administration▪▷▽▼. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor•▽: Zhang Yili★◁…●.Contacts what is bovine hide collagen peptide punit proteins private limited industrial area padra gujarat,