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[industrial applications of protein engineering]Original title: [Site] Director of the State Administration of Taxation△◆: Tax reform will benefit hundreds of millions of natural people, tens of millions of enterprises Liberation Daily · View Journalists Wu Yun Mun Shu Wang Ji Le Jun March 9:00 am, 13th National People A meeting of the Conference held a fourth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People. After the meeting, the North Hall ■△”Ministerial Channel” opened, and the person in charge of the relevant ministerial committee of the State Council received a reporter interview▪▪◆■. How to change your personal income tax? How will a tax gauge increase? Wang Jun, director of the State Administration of Taxation, said that next, they will actively cooperate with the revision of tax law●-★, tax registration method, and actively seriously do a good job in preparing for information processing and other basic construction work, actively About taxpayer service and training work…-•△. “100% let the par.

Original title: The number of Chinese papers exceeds the United States●▼-, Shi Juan: -■”Garbage” Too many vision news reported on March 7th, =◆”I used to predict that the Chinese party exceeds the United States in the 2020 papers, did not expect that we have completed in advance▷=. “Speaking of this data, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences□▽□, the original vice president of Tsinghua University◇★, did not reveal pride, but it was worried, and the tone was heavy▽★○. why is that? “Some comments have so that Chinas scientific and technological strength has exceeded the United States, I am worried.◇▲” For about 5 minutes▲■△, I said that I was …▪…”very worried▽▷▪◇”, let him feel worried, it is the problem of research evaluation. At a 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Shi Gong found that in the discussion of the ●=”Government Work Report”•☆◆…, it has been found in the past 5 years▷▪, and the domestic effective inventive patent has double.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions▪■☆★, Minister of Water Conservancy, Chen Lei: National Made in the provincial county and township four-level river length Chen Lei-▲, I will answer reporters on the ●□▲△”Ministerial Channel◆◁”. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photographed Xinjing News (Reporter Wang Wei Jia Shiyu Sha Xueliang Chen Peng) How is the development of the lake head system? On the afternoon of March 9, the Minister of Water Conservancy revealed in the “Ministerial Channel”, the country has clarified 320,000, the provincial county and townships, the four-level river, and there are currently 2180 lakes have established a lake=◇▪. “At present◁○▪■, there is a significant effectiveness of the river long system●★▼◁, and 25 provinces in the country have established river long systems at the end of 2017, and six provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps will establish a long system in the end of June this year. National It has clarified the provincial and municipal county and hometown level fo!

Original title▷●: Wuhan college students have a comprehensive upgrade of the first batch of “20% discount◁▲” college students in the city, housing■▲▷, home, housing□▼, room, bedroom, Changjiang Daily, May 21, there is a dream, stay Wuhan…◇, good honest◇▽, build college students Friendly city□…-◆, from today, the citys first batch of 20% of the market price is from the city, and the Youth City, the Youth City, will sell eligible college students. Wuhan Jingang Economic and Technological Development Zone recruiting bureaus (East and West Lake District Party Committee), Dongxi Lake District Housing Security and Housing Authority, Dongxi Lake City Investment Construction Development Co., Ltd. According to the announcement◇-, it will be piloted by the -▽=”Lin Kong Youth Youth City” to make a college student housing pilot, and sell 20% of the market price to the eligible university graduat. china best gelatin powder grass-fed bovine hide collagen peptides Pure collagen uses for proteins in research and industry gelatin empty capsules 000,