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Pectin manufacturer.[gelatine vs gelatin]Original title: Sino-Japanese conversation accelerates more throttle◇□■, and today, the fourth China-Japanese economic high-level dialogue is held in Tokyo. This is the restriction of this deputy-prime ministean dialogue. This dialogue, bilateral economic cooperation, third party cooperation, East Asian economic integration is the focus of talks-=○. In recent times, China-Japanese relations have maintained improved towards, and there are many active interactions between the two sides. The high-rise economic high-level conversation of this Sino-Japanese economy is restarted in 8 years, which is happening in the context of the improvement in China and Japan. On April 15, Wang Yi▪◆△, a member of the State Council and Foreign Minister, officially visited Japan, and held a talks with Japans outer poorheon◁▲☆. Xinhua News Agency (Lu Shaowei photo) China-Japanese relationship is improved-◇…▼, it is a good thing, objective needs, and is subjective. China and Japan strengthens economic and trade cooperatio?

In response to the ○▪”Northern Medical Treatment of Treatment of Treatment…▪◆▷”, the reporter learned from the public information of the Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Changning District Health Committee◇○△☆, Deputy Chief Physician, Xinhua Hospital●◆▽=, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College It was punished by the “warning, fined RMB 30,000″ and suspended the 6 months of practice, and the relevant enterprises did not obtain the medical institutions practice license-▽▲, and the relevant administrative agencies did not accept the illegal income. Yuan, the penalty has a total of 1.65 million yuan. Previously◆▷◇, Zhang Wei, a attendee doctor in the third hospital of Peking University, posted on the network, questioning the =▽”black screen” of tumor treatment caused by public opinion. Zhang Wei reported the land in the te.

Original title: This new rule! On March 3, the Securities Regulatory Commission officially issued the “Book” (Trial) “(Trial)◇☆◁” (Trial) “(Trial)” (Trial) “(Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as “Guidelines”). Daily Economic News (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that “Guidelines” mainly includes improving the requirements of the fund manager of the Elderly Target Fund■◇★▪, optimizing the conditions for the fund manager, strengthen the requirements of the Elderly Target Fund to choose sub-fund requirements=★▽, cancel the old-age target The specific rate limit of the fund is equal. With the increase in the old population of my country◁…◆•, the size of the pension fund is expected to reach 45 trillion yuan in 2025. Such a large amount of funds must have been strictly managed to have a long-term revenue●…▼. An industry insider to daily economic news edible gelatin granule!

Original title▽★: Who is focused on the first inter-JPC held at the Silver Insurance Commission◇▽▽? Keep a …=▽”money bag”. On the 23rd……▽, the disposal of illegal fund-raising Inter-Joint Conference was held in the Silver Bank, the relevant person in charge of 11 departments of the central bank, the SFC▷•☆◇, the Supreme Peoples Court, attended the meeting. At this meeting, Yang Yuzhu, director of the disposal of the Ministry of Illegal fund-raising◁▪•, said that in 2017, the national new and exemption was suspected of illegal fund-raising cases◇▼▼, and the amount involved in the case was 179▽…▼◇.55 billion yuan, down 2.8%□▪☆, 28.5%□…, continued to maintain the double drop. “The situation☆◆, but the overall situation is still grim●□. The severe situation is mainly manifested in▷□▽▼: the total number of cases is still running in high positions. The participation of fund-raising has continued to rise☆●▪, and cross-provincial cases have continued to have more▲★-, involving multiple provinces and even the countr bulk-gelatin-powder how much is the protein supplement industry worth organic collagen liquid!