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[food pectin]Original title▷=◇: Yin Xi high-speed rail began to shop on March 22■▷◆=, Yinchuan Jinfeng District, Yinchuan High-speed Railway▼=▪◇, silver, Wu Section, 500 meters long track▽☆, successfully laying this is also the first set of long rail marks on Yinxi high-speed rail. High-speed rail silver Wu section officially entered the rail project construction stage this article picture WeChat ◆■▪”Peoples Railway Network☆=◁□” It is understood that in the track laying, the construction unit uses artificial cooperation machinery and equipment to prepare the road, cloth pillow, long rails directly The method of tracking the rail push and track tractor trailer is laid, referred to as ◁◇”pushing method▽★◇■”. The ○▽★”Push▪△” shop does not need to build a paving base◇◁•△, paving, flexible, efficient, fast▪△, in China=□▼•, has a high-speed rail orbit laying in China. Yinxi high-speed rail design speed is 250 kilometers, is a count.

Source: China Daily recently, Japan NHK TV website has a large number of people involved in the NAC▷◁◇■. When the State Councilor and Foreign Director Wang Yi received a media group visit in Singapore…▪, the reporter had a good question▼★…○, Wang Yizhen patients with a brief finger★▽○★, and alert■◁▼■: ◁☆▪☆”Before publishing articles▽▷◁, you must check (check)☆☆…! Editor▽▽◇▲: Huo ◆▷▽.

Source★•: Meteorological Beijing [Publishing a big wind blue warning signal] City Meteorological Observatory issued a large-wind blue warning signal on May 28, 2018-□▼•, is expected that the city will have 45th-level northern wind in the day on the 28th■=○☆. Around, accompanied by Sand, please pay attention to prevention. [Publishing dust blue warning signal] City Meteorological Observatory May 28▽◁●▪, 2018 05◁•★:00 Publishing dust blue warning signal•◁▼, affected by the upstream dust weather, 28th, the city will have floating and thriving weather, please Pay attention to prevention. Editor in charge○▪☆▪: Huo .

Original title: Coordination to strengthen the development of awareness to be deepened to improve the development of Chinas urban group summary development faces challenges from “Eleventh Five-Year•□” start, my countrys urbanization construction is rapidly promoted, in promoting new urbanization…=, relieving “big city” disease, promoting regional In terms of coordinated development■▲, a positive role is played…●•▪. Many experts and grassroots cadres in the “Economic Report☆••◇” reporter interviewed that urban agglomerations have huge synergy difficulties in the process of rapid development•▲★◆. On the one hand-▼◁, the coordination mechanism is not perfect due to the mutual game between the cities in the urban agglomeration. On the other hand, there are also homogeneous competition, resource mismatch between urban agglomeration and urban agglomeration. Deficiency of the city circle plan, lack of new cooperation platforms, lack of system docking◇◆…, and become a problem that urban agglomeration needs to be solved…△. The picture shows the sea in Tianjin Binhai New Distric▷-=. nitta gelatin na human gelatin Pure collagen plant protein industry value pectin for jam making,