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[gelatin dessert]China New Network reported that the Russian satellite network reported that Local Time 26, the US Department of Defense spokesperson John Kebi said that the five-corner building did not call Russia as “enemy”. On the same day, at the press conference▷★★■, in the face of the request to comment on Russian and Serbian Joint military exercises, Kebi said that he did not have any details about this military exercise, so it could not talk in detail. Subsequently☆▲, a reporter said that the Pentagon expressed interested in Russia, and mentioned that ▪◁”Serbia as one of the NATO members, the organization is inherent to combat Russia△•☆, and now the country is experiencing with the enemy▪◁.•…” Kebi paid this●…•☆: “No one gives the Russian buckle enemy h●○★.

my countrys new crown vaccine III clinical trial was first published for the first time Two vaccines can produce high titer antibody CCTV News: Yesterday (May 26), International Medical Journal “American Medical Association Magazine” published China Pharmaceutical Group China =▼△”Two new coronavirus inactivated vaccines on adult neoguan pneumonia infection”. This is the first officially published new championship in the world, III clinical trial◆◇★, and the first publication of the results of Chinas new crown vaccine III clinical trial●•◆. The results show that Chinas biology is two new crowns in vacted vaccine after two-needle inoculation, high titer antibodies can be produced, form effective protection, and in all population and antibody tid.

Source: Legal Evening Repair Original title: Corruption acceptance of bribery sellers fishing faces the next level and the people they are called ■◆■◁”a master” legal evening newspaper news (Reporter Dong Zhenjie) In July 2018, Anhui Provincial Department of Justice Original Party Committee◇☆-=, Deputy Hall Long-distance ruling is sentenced to 17 years in prison-•◆=, and the penalty is 4 million yuan. The official of the male female girl in the public security, making many police officers. The reporter finds that many corrupt officials have been exploded in the officialdom or facing the people before falling◆△☆, and this phenomenon is called =▽●”a master•◁△”○▲▷. “One Skate” brings “overbearing culture•○=” and personal parties, pollutes the style, and destroys local political ecology. For example, Cheng Yi, the Hefeiyuan Public Security Bureau▲▽◇▪, Liaoning▷▽□, “Female”▲-=, Luo Yaping, Xinzho.

Original title: Sichuan Yaan sudden mudslide avoidance in time without injury and CCTV network news▲◆▪■: Yesterday (2nd) morning, he was affected by continuous heavy rainfall…=●□, Sichuan Yaan City, Hanyang County▷◆◁□, the mountains and flood mudsuits, resulting in about 260 households Divided to varying degrees…■▪◆, due to the timely avoidance, no casualties. At present, the rescue and disaster relief work is ongoing. Editor in charge: Huo ○•▼▼.Contacts pectin gummy hydration solgar gelatin capsules,