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Gelatin capsule marine collagen peptide,[whitening collagen powder]Original title: Jiamusi City Drug Rehabilitation Director▼☆, is illegally released, and the dismissal is divided. Jiamusi City Administration Party Group member, deputy director Zhu Changlin (deputy level) organized the partys 19th National Spirit to work▼▲★▷, broadcasting false illegal advertising, the individual personnel “Eat empty” supervision is not in place. Zhu Changlin during the management of the Advertising Supervision and Management Department◆◆▷, the regulation of false illegal advertising is not in place★★, leading to frequent issues of fake illegal advertising in Jiamusi City◆○☆△, and is notified by the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, causing adverse effects■-▲☆. During the comprehensive work of the Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, he did not in accordance with the Municipal Party Committee to promote the “two learning and one◆◆” learning and education, the party group theory study center group learning the partys 19th National Spirit, causing the Municipal Administration for Municipal Industry and Commerce to make a learning meeting to record the superior examination; Individual personnel △◁”eat empty” probl?

This paper is the Shuyang Newspaper WeChat public number Titland title: Jiangxi Xiangyang notified ☆◁”Lianbei Dam Tofu Slag Project”: Requires Construction Conditions to Rework, Xiong Li=●, March 1□•, a paragraph of “Lianhu Township Lianbei Dam Tofu Slag Project” The photo was circulated in the WeChat friends circle, and the photo of the pouring concrete was placed in a stone▪□☆, and many netizens were questioned•◆▪. After informed, the Jiangxi Shuyang County Water Conservancy Bureau immediately launched the investigation to verify the processing and rectification, handle the relevant responsible units and the responsible person, requiring the relevant responsible unit to rework as soon as possible, rectifying in place within a time limit△■●, and in time. The relevant person in charge of the water conservancy held the relevant situation of the conference, according to the report, the 齿 in the photo is located in Lianhu Township▲•-, 1-500,000 mu of embankment in Puyang Coun!

Source☆▼○□: Public Network [Zaozhuang City quickly investigated a number of companies exposed by CCTV, and fully inspected bovine hide collagen peptides vegetarian hydrolyzed bovine collagen vs collagen peptides wholesale gelatin supplier! The law enforcement personnel have conducted detailed inspection of three enterprises□▲△□, production facilities, raw film storage, product packaging, and delivery acceptance☆▼◁▽, process control, factory inspection, etc◆-. The inspection found that Zaozhuang City Kangyuan Food Co., Ltd. did not organize production, the environmental dirty difference◆▪•◁, the walnut milk product formula was bid▲▪◆…, and walnut raw materials were not found in the on-site raw material formula, and the companys legal person representative Liang Moucoured that peanut butter and walnut flavor◇=, did not use walnut kernels••-, law enforcement officers paid 812 boxes “Lu Yuan” walnut milk□▽; Zaozhuang Jinshunyuan Food Co., Ltd□▪▲■. did not follow food production license requirements to organize production▽=, site Poor production environme◆◇.

[Tianjin Nankai District, a five golden city•□■, fire, spread to the rural hotel] This morning, Tianjin Nankai District A 6-storey building fire. The building 1 to 3 is Hardware City Store, 4 to 6, which is currently spread to the hotel. The fire department is arguing to the fire building and verifying casualties. Responsible Editor: Chu Xiaoh.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Sichuan Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Immigration Work Bureau Division☆-▷: Canyon Tourism on the “Cliff Village” and the surrounding will have a great driving 2018 National two sessions Sichuan Province Poverty Alleviation and Immigration New Beijing News (Reporter Chen What changes in the “cliff village▷•▷” of Peng Beijing continued to track reports in the past two years? On March 8th, the National Peoples Congress representative▲□, Sichuan Provincial Poverty Alleviation and the Immigrant Office of Sichuan Province said in the interview of the Beijing News. At present, the kindergarten has built a kindergarten, engaged in financial services□◆, covering network 4G==▲, has signed, 2022 built The Canyon Tourism Project will drive a great drive to the gap village and the peripheral villages. In May 2016▽•▪◇, the Beijing News reported the “Village on the Cliff” – An Tanrar Village, Zhaojun Township, Zhaojue County…=▽■, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Provin△◇▽.