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[cap and shell gelatin capsule]Original title▼☆=▷: The Senior Sanctor of the State Council is a silent source: Changan Street, Im a written article Wei Zhang Ning ★★◇”Who is your successor?” ▲△”You guess=▷◆▪!●▼◆” This dialogue occurred in the center of Madia The person who has answered the problem is the Chinese Peoples Bank of China◆•. This morning, Zhou Xiaochuan attended the reporter meeting■■-, answering questions about China and foreign journalists on the ◆•◆=”financial reform and development”. He personally stayed and became a topic of Chinese and foreign reporters chased. Since 2002▷▪▷▪, Zhou Xiaochuan began to serve as the President of the Central Bank, and has been 15 years since the beginning of the State Council. He was attended more than ten times during the two sessions. In this familiar occasion, he talks about financial reforms and renminbi internationalization●▽, and also refutes some financial chaos. For so many years in the finan.

China New Network May 28 (Guo Chaokai) China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lie announced on the 28th that the Chinese State Council Li Keqiang will invite the second global green target partner 2030 summit on May 30. A reporter is expected to look forward to the routine reporter◁▲☆. Zhao Lijian replied that climate change is a major challenge in human beings, and must adhere to multilateralism and condense the strength of the countries★□. “Prime Minister Li Keqiang was invited to attend the summit, highlighting Chinas active participation and leading global climate governance, and promoted the green recovery of the green recovery after the epidemic.▽•” He said. “The earth is our common home▷■•.” Zhao Lijian said that in the epidem◆• baking gelatin!

Original title: World Cup•□▲, a bit ◁■•”cold” in Taiwan (said Taiwan) map is the 2018 World Cup identification. The crayfish is equipped with beer, the bar is crowded, the cheers continue★▽, the social media is mad screen ..◇●●◁. no gelatin powder for jelly candy hydrolyzed collagen peptides bovine skin Gelatin wholesale sources of gelatin!! This is not the scene of the World Cup in Taiwan. In Taiwan★●, the World Cup is not so lively◁◇, it is necessary to cool more. Television is difficult to find live game Channel World Cup is fierce. The first game after the opening ceremony Russias large score of 5-10 is very exciting. On the same day, there is a remote control in the mainland friends in Taiwan. I havent found the channel of the live game over and over again★◁▪. It is also full of live broadcast=☆. The Russian team goes, and the “Huadi•▲” named with live rights is still in the opening ceremony▪▲, the mainland friends live directly: “Its a joke.” Later★▼-◆, he passed the Taiwan friend.

Original title: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: China 5G R & D ranks in the world will be with entity economic integration international online news: Chen Zhaoxiong=◁○=, deputy director of China Industry and Information Technology▪••, pointed out that China will promote cross-industry cooperation in the development of 5G application development●◆, promote 5G The induction of the inner economy depth, innovation 5G and transportation▲◁•▷, medical, environment and other public services are integrated. At present…○■, the global 5G is in a critical period of accelerated development, many operators in foreign countries are committed to promoting 5G commercial deployment, seizing technology. In this context, Chinas 5G R & D has received an external attention. At the 5G industry application seminar organized by the China Information Communications Research Institute◆△△●, Chen Zhaoxion▼■☆, deputy director of China Industry and Information Technology, introduced Chinas 5G R & D. ▪•▽”my country ○▼•.

Xinhua News Agency: US Finance Crowndermnin said in an interview with Fox TV, and the United States and China have reached an agreement▷-▼, agreed to stop the trade war▽△. Related news: China-US trade negotiations Sino-US economic and trade consultation issued Joint statement Trump suddenly met Liu Ce to transfer these three clear signal US Finance Minister 3 yield group visiting Hua will exchange views of the Economics and trade, China: China The two most demanding trade in Trump will refuse to discuss the two most demanding China and the United States trade friction Chinese or restricted to the United States research giant opposition: US needs talents attitude American thousand economists to Zhulap: oppose trade protection Miramics▽■▷: US Trade delegation to China negotiations have some words to say in front of the responsibility Editor: Zhang .