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[gelatin methacrylate]Original title: Notice on suspending the operation of China Xian Companys business handling is to further rectify the legitimate rights and interests of the real estate market, to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the purchase of houses, create open▷★-, equitable▷▼◆, fair market development environments▪◇▲, promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, now The relevant matters are notified as follows: 1. Suspension of accepting the pre-sale permit for the pre-sale license of the commercial housing of the companys project companies (a list of Xian), and order the China Xian Company to self-investigate the relevant laws and regulations. Second, all real estate development enterprises●▪, the notarization agency uses the shake number of the Wuhan Matrix Technology Co△•., Ltd. when she organized the publication of commercial housing. Third, the real estate development enterprises…▼, the notarization agency should notary the listing activities in accordance with the principles of public, fair and fair, and ensu!

Original title: new progress hydrolyzed collagen wiki! Beijings first point of points settled in the initial nuclear results, now you can query pectin vitamin gummy! Written Wang Tianqi Edited Zhang Li Beijings first points settlement data verification phase has ended. Changan Street, Id: CapitalNews, learned from the Municipal Human Social Security Bureau…▽•△, from today, employer and applicant can log in points to the online declaration system to view the initial nuclear results of the declaration data◆▽. It is understood that the citys integral settlements are divided into four stages of declaration, verification, review, publicity and settlement. From July 31 to September 4th◁○…, it is a review phase: during this period, with a spouses own residence☆□○, in the tax points of investment enterprises in Beijing□-△, the relationship between husband and wife is required to invest in the tax. Self-affordable information and innovation of legitimate stable residence indicato.

Original title◇•▼•: Cai Qi: Take the lead in implementing the partys decision-making deployment yesterday afternoon◁◇▪▽, Beijing held the citys leading cadre meeting, conveying learning and implementation of the “two sessions◇△▲” spirit▲•. Cai Qi△◁□, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, insisting on the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping•□△, and in-depth implementation of the 19th National Spirit of the Party, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech in Beijing, further improve the political station, adhere to the premiere standard, and effectively To take the lead in establishing “four awareness”, resolutely maintain the party central authority and centralized leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core; carrying out the implementation of various decision-making deployments made by the Party Central Committee; take the lead in implementing the resolutions of the General Assembly, more struggling Promote the new development of the capital□•. 1 Pay more attention to the support of the development of the entity economy, Cai Qi pointed out that General Secretary Xi is •◇□”tw.Pure collagen is collagen the same as gelatin china hydrolyzed gelatin powder,