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[hard gelatin capsule filling machine automatic]Original title: Breaky to break the vaccine…○: 9 months ago●▲, it was punished 5 days ago! Suspected to believe in the source: Southern Metropolis Daily, after flight inspection, the State Food and Drug Administration recognized Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co.■◁■, Ltd. in vaccine production record fake situation, the issuance of its certification, investigation; After the Jilin Food and Drug Administration, the administrative punishment of the Jilin Food and Drug Administration took out the “old case” in 2017. Another vaccine for Changchun Changsheng has also been unqualified, and it is recognized as ▪▷▼”inferior medicine○▲■-“. Although the problem of problem vaccine is still in progress◇●■▷, the capital market has long been a soldier. 2 times of deep exchange△▲▲, 1 condemned book torture issues, the vaccine is affected by the companys revenue▼★, questioning the company failed to confuse the company. At the same time, the Changsheng Biosaples have fallen for five consecutive days, and the market value has evaporate industrial bacteria protein…•!

Original title: Yunnans drug-related death slower escape was arrested: 18 years old five times were sentenced to 3 times in prison according to Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department, March 23 9:46◁■, in Hangrui Expressway Xiaobai Camp The Dehong Prefecture of the service area, the Delhi Prefecture of Kunming, delivered Kunming, the President Huang Dejun (male■★, Han nationality, 36 years old, junior high school culture, Hubei Fang County), Jingli, Dehong, Chuxiong, Baoshan, etc◁△-. The public security organs have been fighting for 30 hours=▼□, and they were successfully captured by Dali Police near Guan Yujun■▼•, Dali City, Dali Province. Currently▼○…, related work is underway. At 3:30 in the 22nd▲▼, the Dehong Prefecture detention center in Yunnan Province was slowed down to the Huang Dejun…▽. In the way to the Kunming prison, he took the wind on the toilet from the detention center. Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department issued A-class To.

Original title▽☆: A letter to the full-provincial admissions test front of the provinces admissions examinee□◆□, the candidates, the candidates=●, their own interests◆▼○, and the social harmony and stability, and the image of the party and the government. Our province is the big province of candidates▪-◆, enrollment in the province. This year, more than 980,000 candidates are currently being admitted to nearly 400☆◆,000 high-vocational admission work in nervousness▽△★. For this years college entrance examination enrollment work□□, the party committee governments at all levels attach great importance to the discipline inspection and supervision department strictly supervise, publicize, public security, industrial information, and confidentiality, etc▪▲…■. Strictly follow national regulations, policies and procedures to ensure the safety and fairness of college entrance examination☆□▪. In July, the parents of the candidate Su, Yang made a public office■■-, and two other parents were posted many times in real name in the online media◇▷★=, questioning the answe.

Original title: The United States 301 investigates the fact that China strengthens intellectual property protection◇○, ignoring the rules of the WTO, ignoring the voices of the industry, China resolutely oppose and confident, there is any challenge – who wants to fight trade war, China is accompanied by the end whey proteins in food industry▷■• high quality cream collagen! On March 22nd, the US President Turkish signed a memorandum, based on the China 301 investigation report released by the US Trade Representative Office, the Directive Relevant departments take restrictions on China. •■◆”The United States ignores the facts of China to strengthen intellectual property protection, ignore the rules of the WTO, ignore the voices of the industry, is alone, this is a typical single-sided and trade protectionism, China resolutely opposed□=▼.▽=□■” Ministry of Commerce spokesperson March 23 Say, in any case, China will not sit on the legitimate rights and interests, we have made fu.

Original title: Talent inflow rate is far super first-line city ▽◁◇”new first-tier city” talent siphon effect appears in Xian○●★, Nanjing☆◆■, Chengdu=□•★, etc., new first-tier cities, recently, to win the war, “send money□•” “send house” •…” The household is low…□, and the policy is unprecedented. Aspects of “Money” ■=”Room□▼△”, Changsha announced that this Shuolbo graduates gave rental, life and purchase subsidies for renting△■☆□, life and purchase of houses□•▽▲. Nanjing announced that high-level talents will have an housing such as 110 square meters of housing, 1.7 million to 3 million purchase subsidies. In terms of settlement, Jians college students can settle online by the students☆•▽, the ID card can settle online, and Shandongs “zero threshold” makes talents more strong-•: talents are no longer subject to employment, social security a.Gelatin wholesale gelatin bovine!