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[beauty collagen]Original title▪▪□■: 谌 琴 琴: Guizhou uses ecological beauty to catch up with the good source: Today, Guizhou News Client Colorful Guizhou Net reporter Yang Changding photo =•”Ecological advantage has become the most unique advantage of Guizhou, becoming a shiny The golden word sign has become a huge wealth of our sustainable development. “On March 8th, at the 3rd National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress opened the opening day, the National Peoples Congress-=, the deputy secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee▪▼■•, and the governor In an interview with the media, these years□■▲▪, Guizhou conscientiously fell to the series of important instructions on the construction of the ecological civilization, adhering to the ecological priority▪▷, green development, and strong implementation of the ecological strategic action, and prelimin out a beautiful, seek Catch the strategy△▷☆■, the green development of the people of the people. Yaqin used thr□○□.

Original title: Remove the black society to protect umbrella▼○●-, end “Dean Jumping●■☆…” Tragedy If you only sweep the black, do not except “protective umbrella•◇▷▽”, it will not be difficult to do not act, chaos, and will continue to breed more fish public●▪◆☆. Dark vine. ▲ The old site of Chengnan Hospital. Image Source: Xinjing Packet Ouyang Morning Rain Recently◁■, the website of the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has notified two cases involved in black and evil corruption and -…”protective umbrella”△○●-. One of them is, a black group in Langfang City, Hebei Province has long been holding rural grassroots regimes to seize illegal benefits. Yang Guangheng-▷…▼, the original Chairman Yang Guangheng, the original chairman of the Langfang City, the Sub-district, served as the •◆”umbrella” of the black gang. It is worth noting that the protagonist of this black gang is the partner of Zhang Yi■△•=, the Dean of the Chengnan Hospital of Lufang City★•, which was killed in this year▷★☆-, Yang Yizhon.

Original title◆▽●: sad! “Wonderland” in the South of Caiyun: Black “Scar” china edible gelaitn kosher collagen peptides gelatine supplement! God touched the palette, shouldnt there be a spot? The red land in Dongchuan District, Yunnan■=, is known as “the palette of the emperor”. The red land is staggered in a terraced manner to form a natural “palette” landscape. However-◇, the reporter learned that from 2016▪△, the “Toner○▼△★” has added uncoordinated colors. Netizens have sigh, this natural “palette” is much spots=◇◆, I have not arrived yet .▽◆.. Yunnan•●: The three seven large-scale expansion Dongchuan red land is no longer “red” Yunnan reporter Zuohang said◆▽, When standing in Dongchuan Red Land, when there is a look at the top four◇▽★=, the foot is a black black☆▪▷▲, there are many farmland has been covered by black, once because of the fascinating color of the Red Earth Plate.

Original title☆▲●•: Dont use the old wine network social platform for △▷●□”WeChat old homework” to hook for power, it can be a double-edged sword. It can be a tool in-depth people, but it cannot be a hunting tool that combines underline. Wen Editorial Recently, a message of “Ministry Officer Junior WeChat Group was punished: the interior of the interoperative government information=●” appeared on many portals▽☆◁, and many netizens have caused a hot discussion▼▲▼◇. This news came from the website of the Central and State Governments Working Committee★◇•▽, “Telling the Director Dongs-□-■” Friendship ◇▼◇”group of the United States, and the profound lessons behind the network…▽▷. Dong□▽, the official to the leading cadres of a ministerial level of a ministerial level▼▼, which proposed and created the “Oceani Elite Club” WeChat group, and sets its leading cadres in the party and government organs in Beijing, more successful businessme is collagen the same as gelatin!Gelatin capsule.