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About Us,[gelatin capsule size 000]Resolutely curb the fishes of the fiscal hype momentum – the big commodity prices have risen the view (bottom) this year▪•★▷, some bulk commodity prices have risen sharply●●, and the medium is complicated◆▷○. There is an international liquidity loose force, and there is also an epidemic situation, the cause of industrial supply and demand – based phase-mismatches. There is also an important factor, that is☆◆, the speculation atmosphere of the commodity market is increasingly serious, and there is excessive speculation••▷•, disturbing the normal production and sales cycle, producing a promotion of prices●◁. Behind this speculative phenomenon is the financial capital accelerated into the commodity market=◁, and the financial capital is speculated▲△. This phenomenon is not a new thing, but with the global liquidity expansion has been developed for a long tim.

Original title: Tightening industrial protein production marine gelatin! Why is China not make this “killer◆◇”…▷•? China s trade countermeasures to add code△•. At midnight on April 1, China announced that 15% or 25% of the 128 products imported from the United States, most of which were agricultural products, including fruit•△•, pork▽▼◇, etc. The Chinese side revealed that more countermeasures are also in the preparation■…=. Who is the tight person▽◇◆? Upon hearing this news, American soy producers may be the most tense. China is the biggest buyer of American soybeans, and 62% of soy export destinations in the United States are China▪★•▼. A report recently announced by the US Soy Export Committee pointed out that if China responded to the US tariff sanctions in the United States, the US soybean exports may plummete 71%. -△”Agricultural products such as soybeans, although the unit price is not high, it affects the gr.

Original title: Notarization Disposal Convenient Equipment (Sound) Fu Zhenghua is lacking legal basis, and the notary agency can verify the proof of self-verification, will be canceled. Through the implementation of the notary matters…▲▲○, the material list is implemented◁▷▲, and the resolute exclude that the masses can be provided in the list, minimize the burden of the masses◆-, the notarization plays an increasing role in the lives of the people★◁▼, the social needs of the notarization More and more□▼. The child is promoted●•▲, the house will be shaken, the village organizes the election voting○◁, etc., you must find a notary=▽. Up to now, there are 2965 national notarization bodies, 13,218 notariates, and 14.5 million billing permitted◆•■, and the notarized books have been used to more than 180 countries and regions◆•★. Notarization in legislation, law enforcement, judicial, law-abiding, the status and role in various fiel.

Original title: Point Point President Chairman Sixth Era – List the Top Protection of Overseas Chinese Overseas Chinese Conference Hoophoa Reporter Ye Xiaonan Pan Xu Tao Lu Zehua Li Wei “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 13, 2018) National Political Consultative Conference The 13th meeting was held in Beijing○◇◆◁, and 35 overseas overseas Chinese from 25 countries were invited. Among them, there are both old overseas Chinese colleagues who are high in the local Overseas Chinese, have a broad representative of Chinese new generations full of ideas and vitality, and courageous. Many of them have seen the chairman of Xi Jinping overseas, “Point President Chairman•-●” is their common voice…■■○. In the past few days, the reporter interviewed some overseas overseas Chinese in the group, listening to them, and Xi Jinping Chairm. bovine sourced gelatin is jello high in collagen