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[empty gelatin capsule white][Air Force▼▲: Xu Yongli has already queded out of the service to transfer the local transfer. Understand that the Air Force has coordinated the local management unit to blame Xu Yongli, requiring that it may not publish any improper remarks in the active military personnel, engage in all social activities. Click to enter the topic-▷☆◆: Reverse◆□△? Cui Yongyuan apologizes to Fan Bingbing: 4 days and 60 million with her regardless of her Editor◁==◇: Huo .

Original title◆▽: The third generation social security card is coming! One card in hand▲☆•, walk through Shenzhou…■•, enjoy 102 social security services! Recently, the pilot work of the third generation of social security cards was launched more. Hubei, Sichuan, Shanghai, Shandong and other pilots began using third-generation social security cards. It is understood that compared with the second generation of social security cards, the third generation of social security card has added “a sway=●★” non-contact function, which can greatly facilitate cardholder cards, so that the function of social security cards is more powerful=•▼, application scenario More widespread. Launch the third-generation social security card pilot work September 1, 2017, my countrys first batch of third-generation social security cards were issued in the South South Hospital of Wuhan University◁-▽, marking the direct settlement of my countrys cross-provincial medical treatment and hospitalization. On January 18, 2018, Sichuan Province Third Generation Social Securi△□○▷!

Original title: Anhui delegation plans to submit 18 pieces to the General Assembly to include the establishment of the national-level Binhu New District and other peoples network Beijing March 5 (Zhang Lei Han Zhen Tao) March 3○▲◁★, 13th National Peoples Congress, Anhui Representative The group held a plenary meeting, and the meeting decided to recommend 18 recommendations as the recommendations of the Anhui delegation and submitted a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress. These recommendations are◁▼-□: “About the establishment of the national-level Hefei Binhu New District (Binhu Science City)”, =▷□□”Suggestions on Establishing Anhui Free Trade Test Area”, “Suggestions on Building Huaihe Ecological Economic Belt”○○▲▪, “About Hua Suggestions in the construction of Yanghe accuman to hysteresis, △=□◇”Suggestions on the relocation and optimization of Huaihe River Fang Hong District”◆○▪, “Suggestions on how to increase water environment ecological compensation work•◇”, “About suppo.

Original title: Pray is whey protein a waste product of the dairy industry Contacts!! Phuket Turban Accident China Tourists have died, over 30 people lost according to the latest data in the Songka Consulate General in Thailand=○☆=, as of 6:00 local time, Thailand, Phuket Sea, Thailand●▲, Chinese tourists•…●, 16 people Death, 30 people to 40 people were lost, 5 people injured in tourists were injured in surgery, 6 people left hospital treatment observation. At the accident sea area△•▷□, the wave is about 5 meters local time at 17:45, and the two ships containing 127 Chinese tourists returned to Phuket, and suddenly overturned, and instantly tipped. Phuketfu Yin Norapa said that at the time of the accident, the waves were up to 5 meters★▽. Nolapa received an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter at noon on the Phuket Rescue Command Center at noon on the 6th…△◁▼, after recalculation●…, there were 58 people before the beginning of the rescue operatio gelatin polymerization■=☆ anti wrinkle products with collagen china gelatin food!