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[native path products]The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided: Comrade Yang Xin served as the Secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Committee and Autonomous Region Commission for Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region○◁. Source●▲: Tianshan Net Yang Xin resume Yang Xin☆□, male, May 1959○●◇-, Han people■★◁, Shaanxi Xingping, graduate education, participation in July 1980▪□, July 1980□•, joined the Communist Party of China. Zeng Yi Youth League Xianyang Committee▪□, the Communist Youth League Xianyang Municipal Committee organized the Minister of Propaganda Department, the Secretary-General of the Youth Federation, Secretary-General, Deputy Director of the City Committee of the Xianyang Municipal Committee, a deputy secretary of the Zhengzhiyuan★◆, the deputy secretary of the county party committee, the deputy secretary of the Sanyan County Committee, county magistrate …-, The county party secretary and other positions. In November 2006, he served as the Standing Committee of Yanan Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection△-▪□; December 2011▲●, a deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee; December 2013■□◇, Ren Shaanxi Provincial Department of Straight Organizati▪●?

Original title: This life and death rescue in the South China Sea has gone “News Network=◇”. For a fishermen brother, the southern battle area sent a special plane to Nandha. The fishermen homework sudden brain overflows on the morning of the morning, the 51-year-old fishermen were put into power in a sea in the South China Sea=★, and there was a rapid dispatcher in the Nansha Guards in Yongshu Reef. The wind waves cant be close. At a critical juncture, the officers and men release the hoisting boat▲□▲, transfers the dangerous fishermen through the manpower paddle=▽◆, and successfully sent a disease-tric fishermen to Yongshiang Hospital in the early morning of the 9th. The medical examination and emergency treatment. Thousands of miles sea space relay rescue disease-risk fishermen, due to the risk of patients due to the risk of patients–, the southern battle area is immediately launched the emergency plan, and the organization and coordinate the Guangzhou General Hospital for remote consultati.

Covered the network of urban and rural agricultural products Basic Formation Economic Daily – China Economic Network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Feng Qi) The Peak of the Ministry of Commerce reported on the 27th that in recent years, my country has continuously strengthened the construction of agricultural production system, covering urban and rural agricultural products market network It has been basically formed◁□▲. In 2020▽=, the number of domestic agricultural products wholesale markets reached 92 million tons, and the transaction volume reached 5.4 trillion yuan▼■…◁, with more than 6◇•.7 million employees. A few days ago, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction of Agricultural Products Supply Chain System”, clearly proposing the two-year time, accelerating the formation of more smooth agricultural products supply chain systems. The peak said that the Ministry of Commerce introduc! vital proteins bovine collagen peptides jelly beans gelatinGelatin capsule.

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