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[gelatin sheet manufacturer]For the flexible employment personnel, the System Protection Umbrella Social Department is developing the Participate of the Endowment Insurance Take the core Readers Social Ministry is studying the development of flexible employees to participate in the basic pension insurance of urban and rural residents, and promote the release of flexible employees in employment Household registration restrictions◁▪, cleaning and eliminating the premiere of the upper or unreasonable toll fines◇◆■, create a good environment for flexible employment. □ Our reporter Zhang Weili is expected to usher in a great great policy. The State Council of the State Council held on May 12 determines the further support of flexible employment□◁★, releasing a clear signal that supports flexible employment and encourages flexible use of work mechanisms. Human Resources and Social Securi★▽★■.

Original title▼○▼▪: The former Secretary-General Annan Diwande…■▼◁: China deeply mourned the “Foreign Ministry Spokesmans Office★□☆…” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news, on August 20▼▪, the Foreign Ministry◇◆, the reporter meeting◇◁, there are reporters asked: According to reports, Out of the United Nations Secretary-General Annan died in Switzerland on the 18th, enjoy the 80 year old◁▷○. Who is the Chinese side to the Mr. Annan? Do you express condolences to the relevant part? Lu Hong: The Chinese side expressed deep condolences to Mr. Annan, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, unfortunately, and expressed sincere condolences to Mr. Annan. Chinese President Xi Jinping called the Secretary-General of the United Nations to express condolences. Mr. Annan is the old friend of the Chinese people, is a world-renowned international event=-☆, an outstanding representative of the African people□▪. Mr★=▼•. Annan has enhanced the trust of the people of all countrie!

Original title□□: Jingha line line equipment fault part of the train late at Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) Today (March 4th) afternoon, many netizens reflected, Dalian to Beijing D31 train is a sudden parking near the mountain customs●•, all car Power off△□, but also hot◁▲. Subsequently, China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co□•.□◁…△, Ltd■◇○. official microblog report said that the Beijinghargo and Jinqin High-speed Railway Mountain Customs Station to Qinhuangdao Station, leading to the end of the train. At 14 oclock in the afternoon, there is a Weibo netizen reported that the D31 train opened to the peak of the mountains and has been parked for more than 1 hour•◇. “At present■◁, there is no air supply in the car. There is no air supply system. Some older passengers have hypoxia performance▽☆■, such as sweating, palpitations▷…☆◁. It has already been found to find medical staff. Passengers do not have any information□○▪, dont know what is going o!

Original title▲▽□▲: Indian aviation modification desk error labeling the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: worthy of being affirmed peptone for bacterial culture marine collagen peptides vs bovine collagen peptides! [Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Guo Fang] According to reports□◇▲▷, after more than two months of the China Civil Aviation Authority○▼, India Airlines corrected its logo on Taiwan, and is called △●▲■”China Taipei◁▽●▷”▷●●. At the time of being asked▪●■, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Chinese government said that the Chinese governments position on this issue is not only very clear in India, but also in other countries in the world. The relevant practice of India Airlines is an objective fact, basic common sense and international consensus on ••”there is only one in the world, Taiwan is part of China”. This approach is worthy of affirmation. Lu Song said that he will once again emphasize that respect Chinas sovereignty and territorial completeness, complying with Chinas l.

Original title: Historical memory: Great feat to let million serfs stand up – Write in the ninth Tibet Million Rufan Liberation Memorial Day▼=△, Zhang Yun▪•=, March 28, 1959, is a great meaning of Tibet. Day, the central government announced the dissolution of the Tibet local governments, exercised their powers by the Preparatory Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region=▲■◇, leading the people of Tibet to carry out democratic reforms, thoroughly abolished the millennium, and the indentation of political teachings The system☆•, making millions of serfs over liberation▲○, when the home is the master, the local society in Tibet achieves the historic change of the earth, ushered in a new era of continuous development of prosperous civilization○-★. The Darre Group servants main forces have made many beautification work for the old Tibetan political temporary seri syste.Pectin manufacturer raw whey protein industrial is clear jel the same as gelatin,