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Gelatin wholesale![glucosamine msm type ii chicken collagen ascorbic acid]Original title▲▪-◁: China Auto Industry Association: There is a bottom gas relative to limit tariff reduction is a challenge is a challenge. The source of China is more opportunities: Chinas voice “News” report△☆■=: 10th, President Xi Jinping is in the Boao Forum 2018 annual meeting The above proposes, to relax foreign shares as soon as possible, especially the foreign capital restrictions on the automotive industry, and significantly reduce car import tariffs▽…•■. There is an automotive industry to refer to itself to “flatness”. What challenges and opportunities will the China Auto Industry will usher? With the opening of the reform and opening up, Chinese car companies have chosen the roads of Sino-foreign joint ventures▲☆, and they have born Dongfeng Honda, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Mazda, these everyone familiar with the car joint venture brand. During the national two sessions this year, the governments work report pointed out that the car, pa.

The 13th National Committee of the National Committee held a closed meeting at 9:30 am on March 15th. The following is a text record□□: Wang Yang member◁◇: The first meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference shall attend the members of 2158, today○▼, to 2142 people, meet the requirements of the specified number. I am meeting now. Total four agenda this morning. The first agenda is now conducted: the resolution of the Standing Committees work report through the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC. Please ask the staff to read the draft resolution. The staff member =◇”The Thirteenth National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference on the First Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee (Draft)◁■-” The 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conferen.

Original title: Bloomberg is expected: in 150 years, China GDP has once again exceeded the Source of the Eurozone: Observer Network [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] What is the concept of Chinas economic growth will reach 6▼▼★.5%? Bloomberg has given an answer today (March 7). On the afternoon of the 7th, Bloomberg has released two articles “This year=▲▲▼, Chinas economy will exceed the euro zone★●▪▼”, “This is the year of Chinas economy exceeding the euro zone.” The article is expected that Chinas GDP will reach approximately 13◁▽.2 trillion US dollars in 2018, more than 19 euro countries ($ 12•○.8 trillion)•■. According to the screenshot, Bloomberg pointed out in the articles, there is a sign that ◇◇▽○”Asian Century” has arrived, and Chinas economic scale is expected to surpass the entire euro this yea☆▲◁-.

Original title: Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary◆◁: Su Rong case is very much negative impact on Jiangxi…▲■, serious pollution political ecology March 29, Jiangxi Provincial Committee Theoretical Learning Center held a collective study meeting, revisiting the general secretary of Xi Jinping attending the 12th National Peoples Congress Three conferences☆◆, Jiangxi delegation considered the important speech and the spirit of the important speech when I was inspected in Jiangxi. I insisted on putting myself in, putting the responsibility in, putting the work in the work, the general report of the Popular Secretary of the Popular Secretary, the important requirements of Jiangxi work○■, combined The residual poison of Su Rong will find the gap and deficiencies in implementation○=▷. How to discuss how to advance the General Secretary Xi Jinping in Jiangxi in the higher level, and the results of the province will reappear to achieve new steps▽▪◆. Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Liu Qi hosted and speaking. He emphasiz.

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