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[cow bone gelatine production line]Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28th (Xie Mu Gonggong) 28th, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the 70th anniversary of Tibet and the first flower art tourism culture festival in Lhasa City International City (hereinafter referred to as “Tibetan Tour Town…◆▽”) officially opened. The picture shows the tourists take pictures in the glass flower house. Gongga to make this flower exhibition culture tourism, Tibetan performance▷=■, large light and shadow■-, Himalayan and Tibetan cultural museums•▪■, special catering, shopping, leisure and entertainment, by Tibetan City and Yunnan Jinyuan Flower Union Create. Activities aim to promote the development of cultural, economic, and tourism in the two places▷●. The picture shows the development of Tibetan societ•▪☆▷!

Original title: Beijing traffic accident simple handling new regulations▼★▽☆: school bus passenger cars serious overload super-speed accidents can not “private” New Beijing newspaper news (Reporter Yan Jianfei intern) This morning, Beijing Public Security Bureau Public Security Transportation Administration announced the revision “Beijing Road Traffic Accident Empress Process Regulations”, new regulations from August 15th, the legislation of the old version will be abolished▷▪. According to the requirements of the new regulations, the driver has a school bus business or passenger transportation●•, seriously exceeding the rated passenger passengers, or seriously more than the regulations, the parties should protect the scene and immediately report the police, and cannot “private.” Three kinds of situations can first pass the police, the police, the school bus is overloaded▼□, and it cannot be private according to the new regulations. There is no number of motor vehicles or use forged◇▪□◇, altered number plates, the parties cann.

Original title…★: anxious jello pork product▷▼▲◆ Gelatin capsule. gelatine capsules size 4 gold how much is the protein supplement industry worth! Steel fell below the cost price, but sold “cabbage”? “Industry Step” is here? At present, the steel market is the accumulation of inventory-▼. On the side of the demand, the price of steel has continued to fall, and the steel trade is pushed to the edge of the chopping, and some small traders have a pressure on the basis of funds. Further exacerbate the price decline, the steel trader stepped on the rate of the price fell. Today☆◆◇☆, steel price is 3800 yuan per ton◆□-◇, has fallen below the cost price, and sell more than one hundred yuan. Small steel traders have sold at a low price, and some steel mills began to take their attention to overseas markets. In the past, the annual spring March is the “peak season” of the foundation of the foundation, and the steel price will generally rise. However, the domestic steel market in this spring is =…”the peak season is not prosperous▲△▼”. Steel from the past Mar★▼▽.

2018 China Network Media Forum 1. Introduction to the intelligent Internet is a revolution in the information industry, and it is a industrial opportunity to promote changes in various industries▲•▪. Network media is undergoing huge change▪■▼-. This session will implement in-depth implementation of the spirit of the national publicity ideology▼☆=, the spirit of the national network security and informationization work, with the theme of ▲▼•”media transformation and development of intelligent interconnection era”, focusing on the correct political direction▲▼△, public opinion orientation△▪, value orientation, Vigorously strengthen online content construction, do a big positive publicity▽☆■-, provide exchanges, seminars, collaboration for the government■•☆, industry=▼=◇, and academic circles▼▼, consolidate the mainstream public opinion positions on the Internet, and constantly improve the new application of Internet law and new technology, promote The health and orderly development of Chinas network medi swanson chicken sternum cartilage collagen type ii 500 milligrams!