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[protein industries canada stock]Original title: The representative of the Peoples Congress recommended that the Lantern Festival is included in the legal holidays? Today is the Lantern Festival▪△▼★, just a work day…●▼▽. Last year◁▪◁, the National Peoples Congress representative, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Peoples Congress, Zhou Hongyu, a professor of Huazhong Normal University, has made recommendations to incorporate the Lantern Festival into the national legal holiday. According to the ○▪▼-“Legal Evening News” report, this year, Zhou Hongyu once again went to Beijing to participate in the national two sessions. He was in the Lantern Festival, and he said to the legal evening reporter☆△, ready to take this opportunity to raise the recommendations of the Lantern Festival into the national legal holiday▪▼□▲. Zhou Hongyu believes that after entering the legal holiday, the public can pass the happy and excellent national traditional culture, relax the spirit and body through the Lantern Festival holiday, to better inherit the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The Lantern Festival•★, also known as □-•”Element Festival” or “Light Festival”. True mon◇▷▽=!

(CPC Broad Years) West Berbiao: When ◆◁•”80△•☆◆” “90” became the •◁”main creation” of new life●▽▼, Shijiazhuang May 28th: ​​Xi Baraho also: When “80” ◇△▽”90 “Become the” main creation ☆▼△-“of a new life△◆□, Li Wei Su, the center of the Central, the Sibia▼☆★=, the scenic area, one moves•▲▼☆, such as two worlds. The scenic spot is a red tourist ■★●”Holy Land” that visitors come to play cards. In addition to the scenic spot■■•, a road to the mountaineering trail is close to the tourists and Taihang Mountain, you can see green water. △…”95″ local boy Chen Xiaohang uses mobile phones to show users, “I hope everyone can remember the oth animal peptone what is a gelatin★•★▽ whey protein uses in food dustry – apple(pyr mal) pectextract. pectin vitamin gummy hydrolyzed collagen wiki!

Original title☆▪▲◇: China will pull the United States under the United States in the United States▼◇◆? Foreign media said that China is proposed to buy crude oil in the renminbi and start pilot this year. A “exclusive news” in British Reuters on March 29 caused multi-party attention. The report that quoted the insider said that China is using the renminbi•…, not the US dollar pays settlement import oil for the early preparation work□◆, this is a key progress in Beijing to build its own international currency△☆. “Even if some international oil trade uses RMB settlement, the potential impact will be huge••□■.” The report said that it was affected by the news and China to reduce value-added tax rates, the 30th Shanghai Futures Exchanges crude oil prices rose by 3%. Reuters said that oil is the largest merchandise in the world△●, and the annual oil trading volume is about 140,00.

Original title◁•●: The reduction of the opening is reduced, and what is the discontinuation of the bank outlet◆☆? Only from the beginning of this year to February 28□△…, the China Banking Regulatory Commission was approved by the bank outlets 115, which was 23% year from last year. From the region where the network is closed=○◁, the last 6 months▽-★-, Zhejiang shutdown▪-▽☆, 53 bank outlets were shut down in 6 months◇•▪, followed by Yunnan, Beijing, Tianjin, Sichuan▷▼, Shanghai, shut down bank outlets More than 90% of the developed cities (municipalities directly under the central government, provincial capital cities and planning list)▪■▷★. The rise of the network changes and the rise of the new financial industry are quietly changing the banking industry▽●=. Since 2017, the gradual significant trend has been, the value of the physical outlets that seem to be an advantage seems to cut, the outlets of the outlets have slowed down, and the shutdown is steep Some banks have calculated according to the year, and the net is ne△★☆.

Original title: [Solution] In the face of “serious political and military provocations△◇▪☆”-▽•, how do Chinas new institutions respond? A few days ago, the party and national institutional reform programs were released, and many islanders found that in this reform□•, two important institutions were canceled – the National Oceanic Administration and the Central Maintaining the Marine Rights Leading Group. Corresponding to this is, the new establishment of the Natural Resources Department, the responsibility of the National Oceanic Administration, and the national marine bureau brand; no longer set up the central maintenance of the marine rights work leading group☆▷, the relevant responsibilities are submitted to the central foreign affairs work committee and its office And in the office to maintain the Office of Ocean Rights. China is a country with broad sea▼…★◆, and the offline situation cannot be said to be difficult. As a result, the US Navy “Masinsin” missile destroyer has not allowed by the Chinese governmen▪…△.